Acts 2:46

46And day by day aattending the temple btogether and cbreaking bread in their homes, they received their food dwith glad and generous hearts,

Acts 3:1

The Lame Beggar Healed

1Now Peter and John were egoing up to the temple at fthe hour of prayer gthe ninth hour.
That is, 3 p.m.

Acts 18:18

Paul Returns to Antioch

18After this, Paul stayed many days longer and then took leave of ithe brothers
Or  brothers and sisters; also verse 27
and set sail for Syria, and with him kPriscilla and Aquila. At lCenchreae mhe had cut his hair, for he was under a vow.

Acts 21:26

26Then Paul took the men, and the next day nhe purified himself along with them and owent into the temple, giving notice when the days of purification would be fulfilled and pthe offering presented for each one of them.

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