Exodus 38

And Bezalel made the ark, and overlaid it with pure gold within and without; and he cast for it four golden rings, two on the one side, and two on the other, wide enough for the poles, so that men should bear the ark with them. And he made the mercy seat over the ark of pure gold, and the two cherubim of gold; one cherub on the one end of the mercy seat, and another cherub on the other end of the mercy seat, overshadowing the mercy seat with their wings. And he made the set table of pure gold, 10 and cast for it four rings: two on the one side and two on the other side, broad, so that men should lift it with the poles in them. 11 And he made the poles of the ark and of the table, and gilded them with gold. 12 And he made the furniture of the table, both the dishes, and the censers, and the cups, and the bowls with which he should offer drink offerings, of gold. 13 And he made the lampstand which gives light of gold; 14 the stem solid, and the branches from both its sides; 15 and blossoms proceeding from its branches, three on this side, and three on the other, made equal to each other. 16 And as to their lamps, which are on the ends, knobs proceeded from them; and sockets proceeding from them, that the lamps might be upon them; and the seventh socket, on the top of the lampstand, on the summit above, entirely of solid gold. 17 And on the lampstand seven golden lamps, and its snuffers gold, and its funnels gold. 18 He overlaid the posts with silver, and cast for each post golden rings, and gilded the bars with gold; and he gilded the posts of the veil with gold, and made the hooks of gold. 19 He made also the rings of the tabernacle of gold; and the rings of the court, and the rings for drawing out the veil above of brass. 20 He cast the silver chapiters of the tabernacle, and the bronze chapiters of the door of the tabernacle, and the gate of the court; and he made silver hooks for the posts, he overlaid them with silver on the posts. 21 He made the pins of the tabernacle and the pins of the court of brass. 22 He made the bronze altar of the bronze censers, which belonged to the men engaged in sedition with the gathering of Core. 23 He made all the vessels of the altar and its grate, its base, its bowls, and the bronze flesh-hooks. 24 He made an appendage for the altar of network under the grate, beneath it as far as the middle of it; and he fastened to it four bronze rings on the four parts of the appendage of the altar, wide enough for the bars, so as to bear the altar with them. 25 He made the holy anointing oil and the composition of the incense, the pure work of the perfumer. 26 He made the bronze laver, and the bronze base of it of the mirrors of the women that fasted, who fasted by the doors of the tabernacle of witness, in the day in which he set it up. 27 And he made the laver, that at it Moses and Aaron and his sons might wash their hands and their feet when they went into the tabernacle of witness, or whenever they should advance to the altar to do service, they washed at it, as the Lord commanded Moses.
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