Isaiah 16

1I will send as it were reptiles on the land; is not the mount of the daughter of Zion a desolate rock? 2For you shall be as a young bird taken away from a bird that has flown; even you shall be so, O daughter of Moab; and then do you, O Arnon, 3take farther counsel, and continually make a shelter from grief; they flee in darkness at midday; they are amazed; do not be led captive. 4The fugitives of Moab shall sojourn with you; they shall be to you a shelter from the face of the pursuer; for your alliance has been taken away, and the oppressing ruler has perished from off the earth. 5And a throne shall be established with mercy; and one shall sit upon it with truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and earnestly seeking judgments, and hastening righteousness. 6We have heard of the pride of Moab; he is very proud. I have cut off his pride; your prophecy shall not be thus, no not thus. 7Moab shall howl; for all shall howl in the land of Moab; but you shall care for them that dwell in Hareseth, and you shall not be ashamed. 8The plains of Heshbon shall mourn, the vine of Sibmah; swallowing up the nations, trample her vines, even to Jazer; you shall not come together; wander in the desert; they that were sent are deserted, for they have gone over to the sea. 9Therefore will I weep as with the weeping of Jazer for the vine of Sibmah; Heshbon and Elealeh have cast down your trees; for I will trample on your harvest and on your vintages, and all your plants shall fall. 10And gladness and rejoicing shall be taken away from the vineyards; and they shall not at all tread wine into the vats; for the vintage has ceased. 11Therefore my belly shall sound as a harp for Moab, and you have repaired my inward parts as a wall. 12And it shall be to your shame (for Moab is wearied at the altars), that he shall go in to the idols thereof to pray, but they shall by no means be able to deliver him. 13This is the word which the Lord spoke against Moab, when He spoke. 14And now I say, in three years, of the years of a hireling, the glory of Moab shall be dishonored with all his great wealth; and he shall be left few in number, and not honored.
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