Isaiah 33

1Woe to those that afflict you; but no one makes you miserable; and he that deals treacherously with you does not deal treacherously; those that deal treacherously shall be taken and given up, and like a moth on a garment, so shall they be spoiled. 2Lord, have mercy upon us; for we have trusted in You; the seed of the rebellious has gone to destruction, but our deliverance was in a time of affliction. 3By reason of the terrible sound, the nations were dismayed for fear of You, and the heathen were scattered. 4And now shall the spoils of Your small and great be gathered, as if one should gather locusts, so shall they mock You. 5The God who dwells on high is holy; Zion is filled with judgment and righteousness. 6They shall be delivered up to the law; our salvation is our treasure; there is wisdom and knowledge and godliness toward the Lord; these are the treasures of righteousness. 7Behold now, these shall be terrified with fear of you; those whom you feared shall cry out because of you; messengers shall be sent, bitterly weeping, entreating for peace. 8For the ways of these shall be made desolate; the terror of the nations has been made to cease, and the covenant with these is taken away, and you shall by no means deem them men. 9The land mourns; Lebanon is ashamed; Sharon has become a marsh; Galilee shall be laid bare, and Carmel. 10Now will I arise, says the Lord, now will I be glorified; now will I be exalted. 11Now shall you see, now shall you perceive; the strength of your breath shall be vain; fire shall devour you. 12And the nations shall be burned up, as a thorn in the field is cast out and burned up. 13They that are afar off shall hear what I have done; they that draw near shall know My strength. 14The sinners in Zion have departed; trembling shall seize the ungodly. Who will tell you that a fire is kindled? Who will tell you of the eternal place? 15He that walks in righteousness, speaking rightly, hating transgression and iniquity, and shaking his hands from gifts, stopping his ears that he should not hear the judgment of blood, shutting his eyes that he should not see injustice. 16He shall dwell in a high cave of a strong rock; bread shall be given to him, and his water shall be sure. 17You shall see a king with glory; your eyes shall behold a land from afar. 18Your soul shall meditate terror. Where are the scribes? Where are the counselors? Where is he that numbers them that are growing up, 19both the small and great people? With whom he took not counsel, neither did he understand a people of deep speech, so that a despised people should not hear, and there is no understanding to him that hears. 20Behold the city of Zion, our refuge; your eyes shall behold Jerusalem, a rich city, tabernacles which shall not be shaken, neither shall the pins of her tabernacle be moved forever, neither shall her cords be at all broken; 21for the name of the Lord is great to you; you shall have a place, even rivers and wide and spacious channels; you shall not go this way, neither shall a vessel with oars go thereby. 22For my God is great; the Lord our judge shall not pass me by; the Lord is our prince, the Lord is our king; the Lord, He shall save us. 23Your cords are broken, for they had no strength; your food has given way, it shall not spread the sails, it shall not bear a signal, until it is given up for plunder; therefore shall many lame men take spoil. 24And the people dwelling among them shall by no means say, I am in pain; for their sin shall be forgiven them.
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