Isaiah 50

1Thus says the Lord, Of what kind is your mother's bill of divorcement, by which I put her away? Or to which debtor have I sold you? Behold, you are sold for your sins, and for your iniquities have I put your mother away. 2Why did I come, and there was no man? Why did I call, and there was none to hearken? Is not My hand strong to redeem? Or can I not deliver? Behold, by My rebuke I will dry up the sea, and make rivers a wilderness; and their fish shall be dried up because there is no water, and shall die of thirst. 3I will clothe the sky with darkness, and will make its covering as sackcloth. 4The Lord, even God, gives me the tongue of instruction, to know when it is fit to speak a word; He has appointed for me early, He has given me an ear to hear; 5and the instruction of the Lord, even the Lord, opens my ears, and I do not disobey, nor dispute. 6I gave my back to scourges, and my cheeks to blows; and I turned not away my face from the shame of spitting; 7but the Lord God became my helper; therefore I was not ashamed, but I set my face as a solid rock; and I know that I shall never be ashamed, 8for He that has justified me draws near. Who is he that pleads with me? Let him stand up against me at the same time; yea, who is he that pleads with me? Let him draw near to me. 9Behold, the Lord, the Lord will help me; who will hurt me? Behold, all you shall grow as old as a garment, and a moth shall devour you. 10Who is among you that fears the Lord? Let him hearken to the voice of His servant; you that walk in darkness, and have no light, trust in the name of the Lord, and stay upon God. 11Behold, you all kindle a fire, and feed a flame; walk in the light of your fire, and in the flame which you have kindled. This has happened to you for my sake; you shall lie down in sorrow.
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