Job 21

1But Job answered and said, 2Listen, listen to my words, that I may not have this consolation from you. 3Raise me, and I will speak; then you shall not laugh me to scorn. 4What! Is my reproof from man? And why should I not be angry? 5Look upon me and wonder, laying your hand upon your cheek. 6For even when I remember, I am alarmed, and pains seize my flesh. 7Why do the ungodly live, and grow old even in wealth? 8Their seed is according to their desire, and their children are in their sight. 9Their houses are prosperous, and safe from fear, neither is the rod of the Lord upon them. 10Their cow does not cast her calf, and their beast with young is safe, and does not miscarriage. 11And they remain as an unfailing flock, and their children play before them, taking up the psaltery and harp; 12and they rejoice at the voice of a song. 13And they spend their days in wealth, and fall asleep in the rest of the grave. 14Yet such a man says to the Lord, Depart from me; I desire not to know Your ways. 15What is the Mighty One, that we should serve Him? And what profit is there that we should approach Him? 16For their good things were in their hands, but He regards not the works of the ungodly. 17Nevertheless, the lamp of the ungodly also shall be put out, and destruction shall come upon them, and pangs of vengeance shall seize them. 18And they shall be as chaff before the wind, or as dust which the storm has taken up. 19Let his substance fail to supply his children: God shall recompense him, and he shall know it. 20Let his eyes see his own destruction, and let him not be saved by the Lord. 21For his desire is in his house with him, and the number of his months has been suddenly cut off. 22Is it not the Lord who teaches understanding and knowledge? And does He not judge murders? 23One shall die in his perfect strength, and wholly at ease and prosperous; 24and his inwards are full of fat, and his marrow is diffused throughout him. 25And another dies in bitterness of soul, not eating any good thing. 26But they lie down in the dust together, and corruption covers them. 27So I know you, that you presumptuously attack me, 28so that you will say, Where is the house of the prince? And where is the covering of the tabernacles of the ungodly? 29Ask those that go by the way, and do not disown their tokens. 30For the wicked hastens to the day of destruction: they shall be led away for the day of His vengeance. 31Who will tell him his way to his face, since he has done it? Who shall recompense him? 32And he has been led away to the tombs, and he has watched over the heaps. 33The stones of the valley have been sweet to him, and every man shall depart after him, and there are innumerable ones before him. 34How then do you comfort me in vain? Since I have no rest from your molestation.
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