Job 28

1For there is a place for the silver, where it comes, and a place for the gold, where it is refined. 2For iron comes out of the earth, and brass is hewn out like stone. 3He has set a bound to darkness, and he searches out every limit: a stone is darkness, and the shadow of death. 4There is a cutting off the torrent by reason of dust, so they that forget the right way are weakened; they are removed from among men. 5As for the earth, out of it shall come bread; under it has been turned up as it were fire. 6Her stones are the place of the sapphire, and her dust supplies man with gold. 7There is a path, the fowl has not known it, neither has the eye of the vulture seen it. 8Neither have the sons of the proud trodden it, a lion has not passed upon it. 9He has stretched forth his hand on the sharp rock, and turned up mountains by the roots; 10and he has interrupted the whirlpools of rivers, and my eye has seen every precious thing. 11And he has laid bare the depths of rivers, and has brought his power to light. 12But where has wisdom been discovered? And where is the place of understanding? 13A mortal has not known its way, neither indeed has it been discovered among men. 14The depth said, It is not in me, and the sea said, It is not with me. 15One shall not give fine gold instead of it, neither shall silver be weighed in exchange for it. 16Neither shall it be compared with the gold of Ophir, with the precious onyx and sapphire. 17Gold and crystal shall not be equaled to it, neither shall vessels of gold be its exchange. 18Coral and fine pearl shall not be mentioned, but do you esteem wisdom above the most precious things. 19The topaz of Ethiopia shall not be equaled to it; it shall not be compared with pure gold. 20Where then is wisdom found? And of what kind is the place of understanding? 21It has escaped the notice of every man, and has been hidden from the birds of the sky. 22Destruction and Death said, We have heard the report of it. 23God has well ordered the way of it, and He knows the place of it. 24For He surveys the whole earth under heaven, knowing the things in the earth; 25all that He has made; the weight of the winds, the measures of the water. 26When He made them, thus He saw and numbered them, and made a way for the pealing of the thunder. 27Then He saw it, and declared it: He prepared it, and traced it out. 28And He said to man, Behold, godliness is wisdom: and to abstain from evil is understanding.
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