Job 33

1But please, Job, hear my words, and listen to my speech. 2For behold, I have opened my mouth, and my tongue has spoken. 3My heart shall be found pure by my words; and the understanding of my lips shall meditate purity. 4The Divine Spirit is that which formed me, and the breath of the Almighty is that which teaches me. 5If you can, give me an answer: wait therefore; stand against me, and I will stand against you. 6You are formed out of the clay as I also: we have been formed out of the same substance. 7My fear shall not terrify you, neither shall my hand be heavy upon you. 8But you have said in my ears, (I have heard the voice of your words) because you say, I am pure, not having sinned; 9I am blameless, for I have not transgressed. 10Yet He has discovered a charge against me, and He has reckoned me as an adversary. 11And He has put my foot in the stocks, and has watched all my ways. 12For how do you say, I am righteous, yet He has not listened to me? For He that is above mortals is eternal. 13But you say, Why has He not heard every word of my cause? 14For when the Lord speaks once, or a second time, 15sending a dream, or in the meditation of the night (as when a dreadful alarm happens to fall upon men, while sleeping on the bed), 16then He opens the understanding of men: He scares them with such fearful visions; 17to turn a man from unrighteousness, and He delivers his body from a fall. 18He spares also his soul from death, and does not allow him to fall in war. 19And again, He chastens him with sickness on his bed, and the multitude of his bones are pained. 20And he shall not be able to take any food, though his soul shall desire meat; 21until his flesh shall be consumed, and he shall show his bones bare. 22His soul also draws near to death, and his life is in Hades. 23Though there should be a thousand messengers of death, not one of them shall wound him: if he should purpose in his heart to turn to the Lord, and declare to man his fault, and show his folly; 24He will support him, that he should not perish, and will restore his body as fresh plaster upon a wall; and He will fill his bones with marrow. 25And He will make his flesh tender as that of a babe, and He will restore him among men in his full strength. 26And he shall pray to the Lord, and his prayer shall be accepted by Him; he shall enter with a cheerful countenance, with a full expression of praise: for He will render to men their due. 27Even then a man shall blame himself, saying, What kind of things have I done? And He has not punished me according to the full amount of my sins. 28Deliver my soul, that it may not go to destruction, and my life shall see the light. 29Behold, all these things, the Mighty One works in a threefold manner with a man. 30And He has delivered my soul from death, that my life may praise Him in the light. 31Give ear, Job, and hear me: be silent, and I will speak. 32If you have words, answer me: speak, for I desire you to be justified. 33If not, listen to me: be silent, and I will teach you.
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