Psalms 10

In the Septuagint, Psalms 9 and 10 are combined, and the Psalm numbers differ from this point on. The Apostles� Bible follows the traditional Psalm divisions, to avoid confusion.
1Why do You stand afar off, O Lord? Why do You overlook us in times of need, in affliction? 2While the ungodly one acts proudly, the poor is hotly pursued; the wicked are taken in the crafty counsels which they imagine. 3Because the sinner praises himself for the desires of his heart; and the unjust one blesses himself. 4The sinner has provoked the Lord: according to the abundance of his pride he will not seek after Him; God is not before him. 5His ways are profane at all times; Your judgments are removed from before him: he will gain the mastery over all his enemies. 6For he has said in his heart, I shall not be moved, continuing without adversity from generation to generation. 7Whose mouth is full of cursing, and bitterness, and fraud: under his tongue are trouble and pain. 8He lies in wait with rich men in secret places, in order to slay the innocent: his eyes are set against the poor. 9He lies in wait in secret as a lion in his den: he lies in wait to ravish the poor, to ravish the poor when he draws him after him: he will bring him down in his snare. 10He will bow down and fall when he has mastered the poor. 11For he has said in his heart, God has forgotten; He has turned away His face so as never to look. 12Arise, O Lord God; let Your hand be lifted up: forget not the poor. 13Why has the wicked provoked God? For he has said in his heart, He will not require it. 14You see it; for You observe trouble and wrath, to deliver them into Your hands; the poor has been left to You; You are a helper to the orphan. 15Break the arm of the sinner and wicked man: his sin shall be sought for, and shall not be found. 16The Lord shall reign forever, even forever and ever: you Gentiles shall perish out His land. 17The Lord has heard the desire of the poor: Your ear has inclined to the preparation of their heart; 18to plead for the orphan and afflicted, that man may no more boast upon the earth.
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