Psalms 74

A Psalm of instruction, of Asaph.

1 Why have You rejected us, O God, forever? Why has Your wrath been kindled against the sheep of Your pasture? 2Remember Your congregation which You have purchased from the beginning; You ransomed the rod of Your inheritance, this Mount Zion where You have dwelt. 3Lift up Your hands against their pride continually; because of all that the enemy has done wickedly in Your holy places. 4And they that hate You have boasted in the midst of Your feast; they have set up their standards for signs, 5ignorantly as it were in the entrance above; 6they cut down its doors at once with axes as in a wood of trees; they have broken it down with hatchet and stone cutter. 7They have burned Your sanctuary with fire to the ground; they have profaned the habitation of Your name. 8They have said in their heart, even all their kindred together, Come, let us abolish the feasts of the Lord from the earth. 9We have not seen our signs; there is no longer a prophet; and God will not know us anymore. 10How long, O God, shall the enemy reproach? Shall the enemy provoke Your name forever? 11Why do You turn away Your hand, and Your right hand from the midst of Your bosom forever? 12But God is our King of old; He has wrought salvation in the midst of the earth. 13You established the sea in Your might, You broke to pieces the heads of the dragons in the water. 14You broke to pieces the heads of the dragon; You gave him as meat to the Ethiopian nations. 15You broke open the fountains and torrents; You dried up mighty rivers. 16The day is Yours, and the night is Yours; You have prepared the sun and the moon. 17You have made all the borders of the earth; You have made summer and spring. 18Remember this Your creation; an enemy has reproached the Lord, and a foolish people have provoked Your name. 19Deliver not to the wild beasts a soul that gives praise to You: forget not forever the souls of Your poor. 20Look upon Your covenant; for the dark places of the earth are filled with the habitations of iniquity. 21Let not the afflicted and ashamed one be rejected; the poor and needy shall praise Your name. 22Arise, O God, plead Your cause; remember Your reproaches that come from the foolish one all the day. 23Forget not the voice of Your enemies; let the pride of them that hate You continually ascend before You.
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