1 Chronicles 28


David Holds an Assembly

1And David held an assembly of all the rulers of Israel, rulers of the tribes, and the rulers of the divisions of the daily rotations of the ones ministering to the king, and the rulers of the thousands, and of the hundreds, and of the keepers of the treasury, and of the ones over his possessions, and all the property of the king, and of his sons, with the eunuchs, and the mighty ones, and the warriors of the military in Jerusalem. 2And [4stood 1David 2the 3king] in the midst of the assembly, and he said, Hear me my brethren, and my people! It came to me in heart to build a house for a rest for the ark of the covenant of the  lord, and a station to be the footstool of the feet of God. And I prepared the things [2for 3the 4construction 1needful]. 3And God said, You shall not build to me a house to name my name upon it, for [2a man 3of war 1you are], and [2blood 1you poured out]. 4And [4chose 1the  lord 2God 3of Israel] by me from out of all the house of my father to be king over Israel into the eon, and for Judah to take up the crown; and of the house of Judah, the house of my father. And among the sons of my father, in me he wanted me to become king over all Israel. 5And of all my sons, for [4many 5sons 2gave 3to me 1the  lord], he chose Solomon my son to sit upon the throne of the kingdom of the  lord over Israel. 6And [2said 3to me 1God], Solomon your son shall build my house, and my courtyards; for I chose in him to be to me for a son, and I will be to him for a father. 7And I will set up his kingdom unto the eon, if he should be strong to do and to guard my commandments, and my judgments as in this day.

David Charges Solomon to Build the Sanctuary

8And now according to the eyes of all Israel of every assembly of the  lord, and in the ears of our God, guard and seek all the commandments of the  lord our God! that you should inherit the [2land 1good], and should inherit it to your sons after you unto the eon. 9And now, Solomon O my son, know the God of your fathers, and serve to him with [2heart 1a perfect] and [2soul 1a willing]! For [3of all 4hearts 2inquires diligently 1the  lord], and every idea of thoughts he knows. If you should seek him, he will be found by you. And if you should leave him, he shall leave you to the end. 10Behold now! for the  lord has taken you to build for him a house for a sanctuary. Be strong and act!

David Gives Solomon the Plans

11And David gave to Solomon his son the plan of the temple, and its houses, and its treasuries, and the upper rooms, and the [2storerooms 1inner], and the house of the atonement-seat, 12and the plan of all which was in his spirit, and of the courtyards of the house of the  lord, and all of the cubicles round about of the places for the storehouses of the house of the  lord, and of the storehouses of the holy things; 13and for the divisions of daily rotations of the priests and the Levites, and for every work of ministration of the house of the  lord, and of the storehouses of the [2of ministrations 1items] of the service of the house of the  lord; 14and for the gold and the weight of its scale-weight for all the items service by service, and to all the items of silver in weight to every item service by service; 15and the weight to the lamp-stands, to the ones in gold, and to their lamps, gold in weight -- of lamp-stand by lamp-stand, and to its lamps, and to the lamp-stands. But of the gold and silver lamp-stands [3of the 4scale-weight of money 1he gave 2to him], and the lamp-stands he gave to him the scale-weight. 16In like manner he gave the weight for the tables of the place setting, each one a table of gold; and likewise the tables made of silver, 17and the meat hooks and libation bowls, and bowls of gold; and the basins of gold in weight for basin and basin; and the weight of the things of gold and of silver of each weight; 18and the thing for the altar of the incenses the weight of [2gold 1the unadulterated]. And he plainly showed to him the plan of the chariot of the cherubim, of the ones opening and spreading out the wings, and shadowing over the ark of the covenant of the  lord. 19All in the writing by the hand of the  lord David gave to Solomon, according to the advantage to him for understanding of the working out of the plan. 20And David said to Solomon his son, Be strong and manly, and act! Do not fear nor be terrified! for the  lord my God is with you. He will not send you away, and in no way will he abandon you until you complete every ministration of work of the house of the  lord. 21And behold, the daily rotations of the priests and the Levites, are for all the ministration of the house of God, and with you in every work all eager in every voluntary thing, in wisdom according to every craft, and the rulers, and all the people for all your words.
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