1 Chronicles 10


The Philistines Kill Saul and His Sons

1And the Philistines waged war against Israel; and [3fled 1every man 2of Israel] from the face of the Philistines, and they fell slain in mount Gilboa. 2And [3pursued 1the 2Philistines] after Saul, and after his sons; and [3struck 1the 2Philistines] Jonathan, and Abinadab, and Malchi-shua, sons of Saul. 3And [3pressed 1the 2battle] against Saul, and [3found 4him 1the 2bowmen] with the bows, and he was in miseries and suffering pain from the bows. 4And Saul said to the one carrying his weapons, Unsheathe your broadsword, and stab me with it! lest at any time [3come 2uncircumcised 1these] and mock me. But [4would not 1the one 2carrying 3his weapons], for he feared exceedingly. And Saul took the broadsword, and fell upon it. 5And [4beheld 1the 2one carrying 3his weapons] that Saul died, and he fell also himself upon his broadsword, and died. 6And Saul died, and [2three 3sons 1his]; and all his house [2in one accord 1died]. 7And [7beheld 1every 2man 3of Israel 4in 5the 6valley] that Israel fled, and that Saul died and his sons, and they left their cities and fled. And [3came 1the 2Philistines] and dwelt in them. 8And it came to pass in the next day [2came 1the Philistines] to despoil the slain, and they found Saul and his sons having fallen on mount Gilboa. 9And they stripped him, and they carried away his head, and his weapons. And [3sent 1the 2Philistines] to the land round about to announce good news in the houses of their idols, and to their people. 10And they put his weapons in the house of their god, and his head they pinned in the house of Dagon. 11And [6heard 1all 2the ones 3dwelling in 4Jabesh 5Gilead] all what [3did 1the 2Philistines] to Saul and to his sons, and to Israel. 12And [6rose up 4from out of 5Gilead 1every 3man 2mighty], and they came and took the body of Saul, and the bodies of his sons, and they brought them into Jabesh, and they entombed their bones under the oak in Jabesh, and they fasted seven days. 13And Saul died in his lawless deeds which he acted lawlessly against the  lord, against the word of the  lord, because he did not keep it, and because he asked [2by 3the one 4who delivers oracles 1to inquire]. 14And he did not inquire in the  lord; and he killed him, and he turned the kingdom to David son of Jesse.
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