1 Chronicles 17


David Prohibited from Building God's House

1And it came to pass as David dwelt in his house, and David said to Nathan the prophet, Behold, I dwell in a house of cedar, and the ark of the covenant of the  lord is underneath hide coverings. 2And Nathan said to David, All in your soul do! for God is with you. 3And it came to pass in that night, and [3came 1the word 2of God] to Nathan, 4You go, and say to David my servant! Thus said the  lord, You shall not build for me a house for me to dwell in it. 5for I did not dwell in a house from the day which I led up Israel until this day; for I was in a tent for protection and inside the covering. 6In all the places in which I went with all Israel, did in speaking I say to any one tribe of Israel, to the ones whom I gave charge to tend my people, saying, Why did you not build for me a house of cedar? 7And now, thus you shall say to my servant David, Thus says the  lord of the forces, I took you from out of the haven, from following the flocks, to be as one leading over my people Israel. 8And I was with you in all the places in which you went, and I utterly destroyed all your enemies from in front of you, and I made to you a name according to the name of the great ones, of the ones upon the earth. 9And I shall establish a place for my people Israel, and I will plant him, and he shall encamp by himself, and he shall not be disturbed any longer; and [3shall not 4proceed 1the son 2of iniquity] to humble him as from the beginning. 10And from days which I arranged judges over my people Israel, and I humbled all your enemies, even I will increase you, and I will build to you a house, says the  lord. 11And it will be whenever [2should be filled 1your days] to go with your fathers, that I will raise up your seed after you, who will be from your belly, and I will prepare his kingdom. 12He shall build for me a house, and I shall re-erect his throne unto the eon. 13I will be to him as father, and he will be to me as son. And my mercy I will not remove from him, as I removed from the ones before you. 14And I will stand him in my house, and with his kingdom unto the eon. And his throne will be re-erected unto the eon. 15According to all these words, and according to all this vision, so spoke Nathan to David. 16And [3came 1king 2David] and sat before the  lord, and said, Who am I, O  lord God, and what is my house, that you loved me unto the eon? 17And these things were diminished before you, O God; and you spoke about the house of your servant from a long time, and looked upon me as [2vision 1man's], and raised me up high, O  lord God. 18How shall [2proceed 3yet 1David] to you, to glorify you -- your servant? and you [2your servant 1know]. 19O  lord, on account of your servant, and according to your heart, you did all this greatness, to make known all the great things. 20O  lord, there is none likened to you, and there is no God besides you, according to all as much as we heard with our ears. 21And there is no [2as 3your people 4Israel 1nation] yet upon the earth, as [2guided 3him 1God] for the ransoming a people to himself, to establish to himself [4name 1a great 2and 3apparent], to cast out [2from 3in front 4of your people 5of whom 6you ransomed 7out of 8Egypt 1nations]. 22And you appointed your people Israel for yourself -- a people unto the eon. And you, O  lord, became to them for God. 23And now, O  lord, your word which you spoke to your servant, and concerning his house, let it be trusted unto the eon, and you do as you spoke! 24And let [2be trusted 3and 4be magnified 1your name] unto the eon! saying, The  lord almighty, the God of Israel, God to Israel; and the house of David your servant being erected before you. 25For you, O  lord my God, uncovered the ear of your servant, to build him a house. Because of this [2found need 1your servant] to pray before your face. 26And now, O  lord, You are he -- God, and you spoke [2concerning 3your servant 1these good things]. 27And now you began to bless the house of your servant, for it to be in the eon before you. For you, O  lord, blessed; and it is blessed into the eon.
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