1 Chronicles 21


David Numbers Israel

1And [2rose up 1Satan] against Israel, and stirred up David to count Israel. 2And [3said 1king 2David] to Joab, and to the rulers of the force, Go, count Israel from Beer-sheba unto Dan, and bring it to me! and I shall know their number. 3And Joab said, May the  lord add unto his people as they are a hundred foldly, and the eyes of my master the king seeing it. Are not, O my master, O king, all [3to 4my master 1for 2bondservants]? And why does [2want 3this 1my master]? so as to not become for a trespass to Israel. 4But the saying of the king prevailed over Joab. And Joab went forth, and went unto all Israel, and went up unto Jerusalem. 5And Joab gave the number of the numbering of the people to David. And [3was 1all 2Israel] a thousand thousand and a hundred thousand men unsheathing the broadsword. And of Judah -- four hundred and seventy thousand men unsheathing the broadsword. 6And Levi and Benjamin were not counted in the midst of them, for [5was disgraceful 1the 2word 3of the 4king] to Joab. 7And it was wicked before God concerning this thing, and he struck Israel. 8And David said to God, I have sinned exceedingly, that I did this thing. And now, remove indeed the iniquity of your servant! for I acted in folly exceedingly. 9And the  lord spoke to Gad, David's seer, saying, 10Go and speak to David! saying, Thus says the  lord, Three things I will take up upon you; choose for yourself one of them! and I will do it unto you. 11And Gad came to David, and said to him, Thus says the  lord, Choose for yourself! 12Either three years of famine; or three months fleeing from the face of your enemies, with the sword of your enemies pursuing you; or three days of the broadsword of the  lord, and plague in the land, and the angel of the  lord utterly destroying among all the inheritance of Israel. And now, behold, what [2should I answer 3to the one 4sending 5me 1word]? 13And David said to Gad, It is narrow exceedingly, I shall fall indeed into the hands of the  lord, for [3great 1his compassions 2are exceedingly]; but into the hands of men in no way should I fall.

The LORD Appoints Death in Israel

14And the  lord appointed plague in Israel. And there fell of Israel seventy thousand men. 15And God sent an angel into Jerusalem to utterly destroy it. And as he was utterly destroying, the  lord beheld and repented concerning the evil. And he said to the angel, to the one utterly destroying, Let it be enough to you, spare your hand! And the angel of the  lord stood at the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite. 16And David lifted up his eyes, and he beheld the angel of the  lord standing between the earth and between the heaven, and his broadsword being unsheathed in his hand, being stretched out over Jerusalem. And [7fell 1David 2and 3the 4elders 5wearing 6sackcloths] upon their face. 17And David said to God, Did I not say to count among the people? Then I am the one sinning -- in doing evil I did evil. And these sheep, what did they do, O  lord God? Let [2come 1your hand] against me, and against the house of my father, and not against your people for destruction! 18And the angel of the  lord told Gad to say to David that he should ascend to establish an altar to the  lord at the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite. 19And David ascended according to the word of Gad, which he spoke in the name of the  lord. 20And Ornan turned, and he beheld the king. And [2four 3sons 1his] with him were being hidden. And Ornan was threshing wheat. 21And David came to Ornan, and Ornan came forth from the threshing-floor. And Ornan looked up, and he saw David, and he did obeisance to David with the face upon the ground. 22And David said to Ornan, Give to me the place of the threshing-floor! for I shall build upon it an altar to the  lord. [3for 4its money's 5worth 1Give 2it to me]! and [3shall cease 1the 2calamity] from among the people. 23And Ornan said to David, Take it for yourself, and let [4do 1my master 2the 3king] what is good before him! Behold, I have given the oxen for a whole burnt-offering, and the plow for wood, and the grain for a sacrifice -- the whole I have given. 24And [3said 1king 2David] to Ornan, Not so, but only by buying shall I buy of its money's worth; for in no way shall I take the things of yours to the  lord, to offer a whole burnt-offering without charge to me to the  lord. 25And David gave to Ornan for his place [2shekels 3of gold 4in scale-weight 1six hundred]. 26And [2built 3there 1David] an altar to the  lord. And he offered whole burnt-offerings, and a deliverance offering, and he yelled to the  lord. And he heeded him by fire from out of the heaven on the altar of the whole burnt-offering. 27And the  lord spoke to the angel; and he put away his broadsword into its sheath. 28In that time when David beheld that [2heeded 3him 1the  lord] at the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite, then he sacrificed there. 29And the tent of the  lord which Moses made in the wilderness, and the altar of the whole burnt-offerings, in that time were in Bama in Gibeon. 30And [2was not 3able 1David] to go before it to seek God, for he hastened from the face of the broadsword of the angel of the  lord.
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