1 Chronicles 22


David Charges Solomon to Build The LORD's House

1And David said, This is the house of the  lord God, and this is the altar for the whole burnt-offering to Israel. 2And David said to gather together all the foreigners in the land of Israel. And he placed quarriers to quarry [2stones 1planed] to build a house to the  lord. 3And [2iron 1much] for the nails of the doorways, and of the gates, and of the hinges, David prepared; and brass in multitude -- there was no counting its weight. 4And [3for the wood 4of cedars 1there was no 2number]; for [6brought 1the 2Sidonians 3and 4the 5Tyrians] wood of cedars in multitude to David. 5And David said, Solomon my son [2boy 1is a tender], and the house to be built to the  lord must be to magnify upward, for a name and for glory in all the earth. I shall prepare for it. And David prepared for it in multitude before his decease. 6And he called Solomon his son, and gave charge to him to build the house to the  lord God of Israel. 7And David said, Solomon, My child, it was upon my soul to build a house to the name of the  lord my God. 8And [3came 4unto 5me 1the word 2of the  lord], saying, [2blood 3in 4multitude 1You poured out], and [3wars 2great 1you made]; you shall not build a house to my name, for [3blood 2much 1you poured out] upon the earth before me. 9Behold, a son is born to you, this one will be a man of rest; and I will rest him from all his enemies round about. For Solomon is his name, and peace and rest I shall appoint over Israel in his days. 10This one shall build a house to my name, and this one shall be to me as a son, and I will be to him for father, and I will prepare the throne of his kingdom in Israel unto the eon. 11And now, O my son, may [2be 3with 4you 1the  lord]; and you shall prosper, and shall build a house to the  lord your God, as he said concerning you. 12Only may [2give 3to you 1the  lord] wisdom and understanding, and strengthen you over Israel, to guard and to observe the law of the  lord your God. 13Then the way shall prosper, if you should guard to observe the orders and the judgments which the  lord gave charge to Moses for Israel. Be manly and be strong! Fear not nor be timid! 14And behold, I according to my poorness prepared for the house of the  lord -- gold [3talents 1of a hundred 2thousand], and silver [3of talents 1of a thousand 2thousand], and brass, and iron of which there is no counting the weight, for [2in 3multitude 1it is]. And wood and stones I prepared. And you add unto these things! 15And with you 3in 4multitude 1doing 2 the works] are craftsmen, quarriers of stones, and fabricators of wood, and every wise one for every work; 16in gold and silver, in brass and in iron in which there is no number. Rise up and act and the  lord be with you! 17And David gave charge to all the rulers of Israel to assist Solomon his son, saying, 18Is not the  lord with you? And he will give you rest round about, for he delivered up into my hand the ones dwelling the land, and [3is submitted 1the 2land] before the  lord, and before his people. 19Now give your hearts and your souls to seek the  lord your God! And arise and build the sanctuary to the  lord, to your God! to carry in the ark of the covenant of the  lord, and [3items 1the 2holy] of God, into the house being built to the name of the  lord.
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