1 Corinthians 10


Israel a Model

1[2I do not 3want 1But] you to be ignorant, brethren, but know that our fathers all [2under 3the 4cloud 1were], and all [2through 3the 4sea 1went], 2and all unto Moses were immersed in the cloud and in the sea, 3and all [2the 3same 5food 4spiritual 1ate], 4and all [2the 3same 5drink 4spiritual 1drank]; for they drank from a spiritual [2following 1rock], and the rock was the Christ. 5But not with the most of them did [2think well of 1God]; for they were prostrated in the wilderness. 6But these things [2models 3for us 1became], for [2not 3to be 1us] cravers of evils, as those also were cravers. 7Neither [2idolaters 1become], as some of them. As it has been written, [3sat down 1The 2people] to eat and to drink, and rose up to play. 8Neither should we commit harlotry, as some of them committed harlotry, and [3fell 4in 5one 6day 1twenty-three 2thousand]. 9Neither should we put to test the Christ, as also some of them tested, and by the serpents perished. 10Neither grumble! as also some of them grumbled, and perished by the annihilator. 11And these things all [3as models 1came to pass 2to them]; and they were written for our admonition, unto whom the ends of the eons are arrived. 12So that the one thinking to stand, take heed lest he should fall! 13A test [3you 1has not 2taken] except what belongs to a human; [3is trustworthy 1but 2God], who will not allow you to be tested above what you are able; but will make with the test also the way out, [2to be able 1for you] to endure. 14Therefore, my beloved, flee from the idolatry! 15As practical I speak; you judge what I say! 16The cup of the blessing which we bless, [2not 3fellowship 4of the 5blood 6of the 7Christ 1is it]? The bread which we break, [2not 3fellowship 4of the 5body 6of the 7Christ 1is it]? 17For as one bread loaf, [4are one 5body 2the 3many 1we]; for [2all 4of 5the 6one 7bread loaf 1we 3partake]. 18Look at Israel according to the flesh! [2not 3the ones 4eating 5the 6sacrifices 7partners 8of the 9altar 1Are]? 19What then say I, that an idol is anything, or that what is sacrificed to an idol is anything? 20But that which [3sacrifice 1the 2nations], [2to demons 1they sacrifice], and not to God; [2I do not 3want 1but] you [2partners 3of the 4demons 1to become]. 21You are not able to [2the cup 3of the Lord 1drink], and the cup of demons; you are not able [2of the table 3of the Lord 1to partake], and the table of demons. 22Or do we provoke [3to jealousy 1the 2Lord]? Are [2stronger 3than he 1we]?

Do All Things unto the Glory of God

23All things to me are allowed, but not all things are advantageous. All things to me are allowed, but not all things build up. 24[2no one 4of himself 1Let 3seek], but [2the thing 3of the 4other 1each]. 25Everything in the market place being sold eat of! [2nothing 1questioning] on account of conscience. 26For of the Lord is the earth, and the fullness of it. 27And if anyone invite you of the unbelieving ones, and you want to go, all being placed near you eat of! [2nothing 1questioning] on account of conscience. 28But if anyone should say to you, This is sacrificed to idols, do not eat on account of that one, the one indicating and the conscience sake! For of the Lord is the earth, and the fullness of it. 29But conscience, I say, is not the one of yourself, but the one of the other. For why is my freedom judged by another's conscience? 30If I [2favor 1partake in], why am I blasphemed for what I give thanks? 31Whether then you eat, or whether you drink, or whether anything you do, [2all 3unto 4the glory 5of God 1do]! 32[2not a cause for stumbling 1Become] -- even Jews, even Greeks, even the assembly of God! 33as even I [2all men 3in all things 1please], not seeking for myself advantage, but the advantage for the many, that they should be delivered.
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