1 Corinthians 7


Concerning Marriage

1But concerning what you wrote to me; It is good for a man [2a woman 1to not touch]. 2But because of the harlotries, [2each man 4his own 5wife 1let 3have], and [2each woman 4her own 5husband 1let 3have]! 3[5to the 6wife 2the 3husband 7the 9owed 8good-will 1Let 4render], and in like manner also the wife to the husband! 4The wife [3her own 4body 1does not 2exercise authority over], but the husband. And in like manner also the husband [3his own 4body 1does not 2exercise authority over], but the wife. 5Do not deprive one another, except for harmony's sake for a time, that you should relax in the fasting and prayer! and again at the same time you should come together, that [2should not 3test 4you 1Satan] because of your intemperance. 6But this I say according to allowance, not according to command. 7For I want all men to be as even myself; but each [2his own 3favor 1has] from God; one so, and another so. 8But I say to the unmarried and to the widows; [2good 3for them 1it is] if they remain as even I. 9But if they do not control themselves, let them marry! [3better 1For 2it is] to marry than to be set on fire. 10And to the ones being married I exhort, not I, but the Lord, that a wife [3from 4a husband 1not 2separate]. 11But if even she should separate, let her remain unmarried, or [2to the 3husband 1be reconciled]! and a man's wife is not to be let go. 12And to the rest I say, not the Lord; if any brother [3wife 1has 2an unbelieving], and she assents to live with him, he is not to leave her! 13And a woman who has [2husband 1an unbelieving], and he assents to live with her, she is not to leave him! 14[5is sanctified 1For 4husband 2the 3unbelieving] by the wife; and [4is sanctified 3wife 1the 2unbelieving] by the husband; since then your children are unclean, but now it is holy. 15But if the unbeliever separates, let him be separated! [3is not 4enslaved 1the 2brother], or the sister in such cases. But in peace [2has called 3us 1God]. 16For what do you know, O wife, if [2the 3husband 1you shall deliver]? Or what do you know, O husband, if [2the 3wife 1you shall deliver]?

Abiding in the Call

17Except to each as God portioned, each as [3called 1the 2Lord] so walk! And so in [2the 3assemblies 1all] I set an order. 18[3while being circumcised 1Who 2is called], let him not become uncircumcised! [3in 4uncircumcision 1Who 2is called], let him not be circumcised! 19 Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but keeping the commandments of God is. 20Each in the calling in which he was called -- in this let him abide! 21A slave being called -- let it not be a care; but if even you are able [2free 1to be] rather -- use it! 22For the [3in 4the Lord 2being called 1slave 7freedman 6the Lord's 5is]. In like manner also the free one being called, [3slave 1is 2Christ's]. 23With value you were bought; do not become slaves of men! 24Each in which he was called, brethren, in this abide with God!

Concerning the Unmarried

25And concerning the virgins, [3a command 4of the Lord 1I do not 2have], but an opinion I give as one being shown mercy by the Lord to be trustworthy. 26I think then this [2is good 1existing] because of the present necessity, that it is good for a man so to be. 27Have you been tied to a wife, do not seek a loosening! Have you been untied from a wife, do not seek a wife! 28But if also you should marry, you sinned not; and if [3should have married 1the 2virgin] she did not sin; but affliction in the flesh [2shall have 1such]. But I spare you. 29But this I say, brethren, the [2time 4wrapping up 1remaining 3is], that also the ones having wives, [2as 3not 4having 1should be]. 30And the ones weeping, as not weeping; and the ones rejoicing, as not rejoicing; and the ones buying, as not holding possessions. 31And the ones dealing in this world, as not abusing it. [5passes by 1For 2the 3condition 4of this world]. 32But I want you to be free from care. The unmarried is anxious for the things of the Lord, how he is pleasing to the Lord; 33but the one married is anxious for the things of the world, how he pleases the wife. 34[6are assigned a part 7even 1The 2wife 3and 4the 5virgin]. The unmarried is anxious for the things of the Lord, that she might be holy, both in body and in spirit; but she having married is anxious for the things of the world, how she shall please the husband. 35But this for your own advantage I speak, not that [2a noose 1I should put] around you, but [2to 3the 4decent 5and 6well-occupied thing 7with the 8Lord 1be undisturbed]. 36But if anyone [2to be disgraced 3over 4his virgin 1thinks], if she should be advanced in years, and so it ought to be what he wants to do, he does not sin; let them marry! 37But the one who stands settled in the heart, not having necessity, [3authority 1but 2has] concerning his own will, and this he has judged in his heart, to give heed to his own virgin, well he does. 38So that also the one giving in marriage, [2well 1does]; and the one not giving in marriage, [2better 1does]. 39A wife is tied by law for as long a time [2lives 1as her husband]; but if [2should sleep 1her husband], she is free to whom she wants to marry, only in the Lord. 40But more blessed is she if so she should remain, according to my opinion; but I think I also [2spirit 3of God 1have].
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