1 Corinthians 9


The Rights of Apostleship

1Am I not an apostle? Am I not free? [2not 4Jesus 5Christ 6our Lord 1Have I 3seen]? [2not 3my work 1Are you] in the Lord? 2If to others I am not an apostle, but indeed [2to you 1I am]; [3the 1for 4seal 5of my 6commission 2you are] in the Lord. 3 My defense to the ones questioning me is this. 4Do we not have authority to eat and to drink? 5Do we not have authority [2a sister 3a wife 1to lead about], as also the rest of the apostles, and the brothers of the Lord, and Cephas? 6Or only I and Barnabas have not authority to not work? 7Who soldiers by his own rations at any time? Who plants a vineyard, and from the fruit of it does not eat? or who tends a flock, and from the milk of the flock does not eat? 8Is it according to a man these things I speak, or does not also the law say these things? 9For in the law of Moses it has been written, You shall not muzzle an ox threshing. Is not the ox a care to God? 10Or because of us assuredly it says? [2because of 3us 1For] it was written that, [5in 6hope 3ought 1The one 2plowing 4to plow], and the one threshing [4of the thing 5of his hope 3is to partake 1in 2hope]. 11If we [4to you 2the 3spiritual things 1sowed], is it a great thing if we [2your 3fleshly things 1harvest]? 12If others [2of the 3authority 4over you 1partake], should not we more? But we did not use this authority; but all things we hold off, that [2not 4any hindrance 1we should 3give] to the good news of the Christ. 13Do you not know that the ones [6the 7consecrated things 1working 2at 3the 4temple 5shall eat]? and the ones [2the 3altar 1taking care of 5the 6altar 4receive a portion of]? 14So also the Lord set in order for the ones [2the 3good news 1announcing], [2from the announcing 3of the 4good news 1to live]. 15But I [2none 1used] of these things. [2I did not 3write 1But] these things, that thus it should happen with me. For it is good for me rather to die than [4my boasting 1that 2anyone 3should nullify]. 16For if I announce good news, there is not a boasting to me; for a necessity is pressed upon me; [3woe 1but 4to me 2it is] if I should not announce good news. 17For if I willingly do this, [2a wage 1I have]; but if unwillingly, [2a management 1I am entrusted with]. 18What then to me is the wage? That announcing good news free I should establish the good news of the Christ, for the not abusing my authority in the good news.

Serve All Men

19[3free 1For 2being] from all, to all [2myself 1I enslaved], that the many more I should gain. 20And I became to the Jews as a Jew, that I should gain the Jews; to the ones under law, as under law, that the ones under law I should gain; 21to the lawless ones, as a lawless one, (not being lawless to God, but lawful to Christ), that I should gain the lawless ones. 22I became to the weak as weak, that the weak I should gain. To all these I have become all things, that assuredly some I should deliver. 23But this I do on account of the good news, that [2a fellow-partaker with 3him 1I should become].

Run to Win

24Do you not know that the ones [2in 3the stadium 1running], all indeed run, but one receives the victory prize? Thus you run that you should overtake! 25But every one struggling, in all things controls himself; that indeed then that a corruptible crown they should receive; but we an incorruptible crown. 26I therefore so run, as not uncertainly; so I box, as not [2the air 1flaying]. 27But I bruise my body, and bring it into slavery, lest to others having proclaimed, myself [2debased 1I should be].
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