1 Kings 20


Syria Wages War with Ahab

1And the son of Hadad king of Syria gathered together all his force, and thirty-two kings with him, and horses and chariots. And they ascended, and laid siege against Samaria, and waged war against it. 2And he sent messengers to Ahab king of Israel, into the city, and he said to him, Thus says the son of Hadad. 3 Your silver and your gold is mine; and your wives and your children, the best is mine. 4And [4answered 1the 2king 3of Israel] and said, As you have spoken, O my master, O king, [3yours 1I 2am], and all my things. 5And [3returned 1the 2messengers] and said, Thus says the son of Hadad, I have sent to you, saying, Your silver and your gold and your wives and your children you shall give to me, 6for this hour tomorrow I will send my servants to you, and they will search your house, and the houses of your servants. And it will be that all the desires of their eyes, of what ever they should put upon with their hands, they shall take. 7And [4called 1the 2king 3of Israel] all the elders of the land, and he said, Know indeed and behold! that [3evil 1this one 2seeks], for he has sent to me for my wives, and for my children. And my silver and my gold I have not kept back from him. 8And [7said 8to him 1the 2elders 3and 4all 5the 6people], You should not hearken, and you should not want. 9And he said to the messengers of the son of Hadad, Say to your master! All as much as you sent to your servant at first, I will do; but this thing I shall not be able to do. And [3departed 1the 2men] and returned to him the word. 10And [3sent 4to 5him 1the son 2of Hadad] saying, Thus may [3do 4to me 1the 2gods], and thus may they add, if [4shall suffice 1the 2dust 3of Samaria] for the handful to all the people, to my footmen. 11And [4answered 1the 2king 3of Israel] and said, Let it be enough! Let not [3boast 1the 2humpback] as the one standing straight! 12And it came to pass when he answered to him this word, [2was 3drinking 1he] and all the kings with him in tents. And he said to his servants, Build a siege mound! And they put a siege mound against the city. 13And behold, [2prophet 1one] came forward to Ahab king of Israel, and he said, Thus says the  lord, Have you seen all [3multitude 2great 1this]? Behold, I give it today into your hands; and you shall know that I am the  lord. 14And Ahab said, By whom? And he said, Thus says the  lord, By the young men of the rulers of the regions. And Ahab said, Who shall join together for the war? And he said, You. 15And Ahab numbered the servants of the rulers of the regions, and they were two hundred thirty and two. And after these things he numbered the people, every son of power -- seven thousand. 16And he went forth at midday. And the son of Hadad was drinking and being intoxicated in Succoth, he and the kings, thirty and two kings, the allies with him. 17And came forth the young men, the rulers of the regions at first. And [3sent 1the son 2of Hadad], and they led up to him, saying, Men have come forth from out of Samaria. 18And he said to them, If in peace they come forth, seize them alive! And if for war they came forth, seize them alive! 19And [3went forth 4from 5the city 1the 2young men] of the rulers of the regions, and the force after them. 20And [2struck 1each man] the one by him. And Syria fled, and [2pursued 3them 1Israel]. And [5escaped 1the son 2of Hadad 3king 4of Syria] upon a horse of a horseman. 21And [4came forth 1the 2king 3of Israel], and he took the horses, and the chariots, and he struck [2calamity 1a great] against Syria. 22And [3came forward 1the 2prophet] to the king of Israel, and he said, Strengthen yourself, and know, and see what you shall do! for returning during the year, the son of Hadad king of Syria will ascend against you. 23And the servants of the king of Syria said to him, The God of mountains is the God of Israel, and not a God of valleys; on account of this they powered over us. But if we wage war against them according to the straight plains, assuredly we shall power over them. 24And this thing you do! Let [4depart 1the 2kings 3each] to his place, and establish [2in place of 3them 1satraps]! 25And you exchange according to the force falling from you -- even horse for horse, and chariots for chariots. And we will wage war against them in the straight plains, and we will power over them. And he hearkened to their voice, and did thus. 26And it came to pass at the return of the year, that [3mustered 1the son 2of Hadad] Syria, and he ascended into Aphek for war against Israel. 27And the sons of Israel were mustered, and they came to meet them. And Israel camped right opposite them, as two flocks of goats. And Syria filled the land. 28And came forward a man of God, and he said to the king of Israel, Thus says the  lord, Because Syria said, [4is God 5of the mountains 1the  lord 2God 3of Israel], and [2is not 3God 4of the valleys 1he], that I will give [3force 2great 1this] into [2hand 1your], and you shall know that I am the  lord.

Israel Strikes Syria

29And these camped before those seven days. And it came to pass in the [2day 1seventh], that [3led on 1the 2war]. And Israel struck Syria -- a hundred thousand footmen in one day. 30And [3fled 1the 2rest] unto Aphek, into the city. And [3fell 1the 2wall] upon twenty and seven thousand men of the ones remaining. And the son of Hadad fled, and he entered into the house of the bedroom, into the inner chamber. 31And [2said 1his servants] to him, Indeed behold we heard that the kings of the house of Israel [2kings 3of mercy 1are]. We should place indeed sackcloths upon our loins, and rough cords upon our heads, and we should go forth to the king of Israel; if by any means he shall bring forth alive our lives. 32And they girded sackcloths upon their loins, and put rough cords upon their heads. And they said to the king of Israel, Your servant, the son of Hadad says, Let [3live 2indeed 1my soul]! And he said, Does he still live? [2brother 1he is my]. 33And the men foretold and hastened and gathered up the word out of his mouth, and they said, Your brother the son of Hadad. And he said, Enter, and receive him! And [3came forth 4to 5him 1the son 2of Hadad]; and they transported him upon the chariot to him. 34And he said to him, The cities which [3took 2father 1my] from your father, I give back to you. And [2streets 1you shall establish] in Damascus for yourself, as [2established 1my father] in Samaria. And I by covenant shall send you out. And he ordained with him a covenant, and sent him out. 35And [2man 1one] of the sons of the prophets said to his neighbor, by a word of the  lord, Strike me indeed! And [4not 3would 1the 2man] strike him. 36And he said to him, Because you hearkened not to the voice of the  lord, behold, as you run from me, [2shall strike 3you 1a lion]. And he went forth from him, and [2found 3him 1a lion], and struck him. 37And he finds [2man 1another], and he said, Strike indeed me! And [3struck 4him 1the 2man], and striking he broke him. 38And [3went 1the 2prophet] and stood to the king of Israel upon the way, and he bound [2with 3a ligature 1his eyes]. 39And it came to pass as the king came near, that he yelled out to the king. And he said, Your servant went forth with the military for war, and behold, a man brought to me another man, and he said to me, Guard this man! And if by rushing away he should rush away, then [3will be required 2life 1your] for his life, or a talent of silver you establish for it. 40And it came to pass as your servant looked round about here this way and here that way, that this man was not around. And [4said 5to 6him 1the 2king 3of Israel], Behold, you are the magistrate, [2for 3me 1you murdered]. 41And he hastened and removed the ligature from his eyes. And [4recognized 5him 1the 2king 3of Israel], that [2was of 3the 4prophets 1this one]. 42And he said to him, Thus says the  lord, Because you sent out [2man 1a pernicious] to escape from out of your hand, even [2will be required 1your life] for his life, and your people for his people. 43And [4went forth 1the 2king 3of Israel] being confounded and faint, and came unto Samaria.
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