1 Kings 5


Hiram Helps Build God's House

1And [4sent 1Hiram 2king 3of Tyre] his servants to Solomon; for he heard that they anointed him for king in place of David his father. For [3loving 2was 1Hiram] David all the days. 2And Solomon sent to Hiram, saying, 3You knew my father David, that he was not able to build a house to the name of the  lord my God, because of facing the wars that were encircling him, until the  lord put them under the soles of his feet. 4And now [3gave rest 1the  lord 2my God] to me round about; there is not a plotter and there is not [2sin 1a wicked]. 5And behold, I speak concerning building a house to the name of the  lord my God, as the  lord spoke to David my father, saying, Your son whom I shall put instead of you upon your throne, this one shall build the house to my name. 6And now give charge, and let men fell timbers for me from Lebanon! And behold, my servants shall be with your servants; and the wage of your servants I will give to you according to all as much as you should say. For you know that there is not among us one knowing to fell timbers as the Sidonians. 7And it came to pass as Hiram heard the words of Solomon, he rejoiced exceedingly. And he said, Blessed be the  lord today who gives to David [2son 1an intelligent] over [3people 2populous 1this]. 8And Hiram sent to Solomon, saying, I have heard concerning all which you have sent to me. I will do all your will for timbers of cedars and of pines. 9 My servants shall lead them from out of Lebanon into the sea; and I will put them on barges unto the place of which ever you should send for me. And I shall shake them off there, and you shall lift them. And you shall produce for my want, to give bread loaves to my house. 10And Hiram was giving to Solomon cedars and pines according to all his want. 11And Solomon gave to Hiram twenty thousand cors of wheat, and food to his house, and twenty baths of olive oil being pounded. According to this Solomon gave to Hiram yearly. 12And the  lord gave to Solomon wisdom as he said to him. And there was peace between Hiram and between Solomon. And they ordained a covenant between them. 13And [3brought 1king 2Solomon] tribute from all Israel. And [3was 1the 2tribute] thirty thousand men. 14And he sent them to Lebanon -- ten thousand [2every 3month 1being changed]. [5month 4one 1They were 2in 3Lebanon], and two months at their house. And Adoniram was over the tribute. 15And were unto Solomon seventy thousand lifting a load, and eighty thousand quarriers in the mountain; 16separate from the rulers being placed over the works of Solomon -- three thousand and three hundred supervisors over the people of the ones doing the works. 17And [3gave charge 1the 2king], and they lifted [3stones 1great 2valuable] for the foundation of the house, and [2stones 1unhewn]. 18And [4hewed 1the 2servants 3of Solomon], and the servants of Hiram, and the Giblites. And they prepared the stones and the timbers to build the house.
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