1 Kings 6


The Temple Foundation is Laid

1And it came to pass in the eightieth and four hundredth year of the exodus of the sons of Israel from out of Egypt, in the [2year 1fourth] in the second month in the reigning of king Solomon over Israel, that he built the house to the  lord. 2And the house which [3built 1king 2Solomon] to the  lord -- sixty cubits its length, and twenty cubits its width, and thirty cubits its height. 3And the columned porch in front of the temple -- twenty cubits was the length of it upon the width of the house. And ten in cubit was its width according to the face of the house. 4And he made for the house a window leaning hidden. 5And he put upon the wall of the house a ridge round about the temple, and to the dabir. And he made the sides round about. 6The side underneath -- five cubits was the width of it. And for the middle -- six cubits was the width. And the third -- seven cubits was the width of it. For [2a space 1he made] to the house round about from outside the house, so as to not take hold of the walls of the house. 7And the house in the constructing it [4stones 2in whole 3chiseled 1was built]. And a hammer, and hewing axe, and every item of iron, was not heard in the constructing it. 8And the vestibule of the side of the one from beneath was by the protrusion of the house on the right side, and there was a winding ascent into the middle, and from the middle unto the third story. 9And he constructed the house, and completed it. And he vaulted the house with cedars. 10And he built the chambers through the entire house, five cubits was the height of it, and he held it together by bonding it together with timbers of cedars. 11And came to pass the word of the  lord to Solomon, saying, 12 This house which you construct, if you travel by my orders, and [2my judgments 1you should observe], and should keep all my commandments, to pace in them; I will establish my word with you which I spoke to David your father; 13and I will encamp in the midst of the sons of Israel, and I will not abandon my people Israel. 14And Solomon built the house and finished it. 15And he built the walls of the house from inside with wood of cedars, from the floors of the house, and unto the walls, and unto the beams. And he vaulted it holding it together with timbers from inside. And he compassed the inside of the house with ribs of pines. 16And he built twenty cubits from the top of the house of the sides of the ones of cedars from floor unto the beams. And he made it inside of the dabir in the holy of holies. 17And [5forty 6cubits 4was 3itself 1the 2temple] in front of the dabir. 18And cedar covered the house inside. And there was carved gourds and [2opened and spread out 1leaves] -- all cedar; and stone did not appear. 19And the dabir was in the middle of the house within, to give place there for the ark of the covenant of the  lord. 20Twenty cubits was the length, and twenty cubits the width, and twenty cubits the height of it. And he compassed it with gold being closed up. 21And he made an altar according to the front of the dabir, and he compassed it with gold. 22And the entire house was compassed in gold, unto completion of all the house. 23And he made in the dabir two cherubim of wood of cypresses, ten cubits was the greatness being measured by a rule, 24and five cubits was the wing of the [2cherub 1one], and [3was five 4cubits 5of its wing 1the 2second]. Ten in a cubit from one part of its wing to the other part of its wing. 25Thus to the [2cherub 1second] with [2measure 1one] and [2completion 1one] with both. 26And the height of the [2cherub 1one] was ten in a cubit. So also the second cherub. 27And he stationed both the cherubim in the middle of the [2house 1innermost]. And [3were open and spread out 2wings 1their], and [4touched 3wing 1the 2one] the wall of the house, and the wing [3cherub 1of the 2second] touched the [2wall 1second], and their wings were in the midst of the house, touching wing to wing. 28And he compassed the cherubim with gold. 29And all the walls of the house round about [2sculptures 1he depicted] with a stylus -- cherubim, and palms and [2opened and spread out 1leaves] to the inner and to the outer. 30And the floor of the house he compassed with gold -- of the innermost and the outermost. 31And to the doorway of the dabir he made doors of wood of juniper, and [2doorways 1five-fold]. 32And two doors of woods of pines. And sculptures upon them being sculpted of cherubim, and palms. And panels were opening and spreading out. And he compassed them with gold; and [3came down 4upon 5the 6cherubim 7and 8over 9the 10palms 1the 2gold]. 33And thus he made to the vestibule of the temple doorposts of woods of juniper, [2stoas 1with fourfold]. 34And in both the doors woods of pines were used -- [4was bi- 5fold 1the 3door 2one], and their hinges were there; and [4was bi- 5fold 3door 1the 2second] to turn; 35being sculpted with cherubim and palms; and [2opening and spreading out 1panels], and being compassed with gold being led upon the impression. 36And he built the [2courtyard 1inner], three rows of hewn stones, and a row being manufactured of cedar round about. 37In the fourth year [4was laid a foundation 1the 2house 3of the  lord], in the month Zif. 38And in [2year 1the eleventh], in the month of Bul, this is the [2month 1eighth], [3was completed 1the 2house] according to all his words, and according to all his responsibilities. And he built it in seven years.
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