1 Kings 7


Solomon Constructs His Own House

1And [2constructed 1Solomon] his own house for thirteen years. And he [2completed 1wholly] his house. 2And he constructed the house of the forest of Lebanon. A hundred cubits was its length, and fifty cubits its width, and thirty cubits its height upon four rows of columns of cedars, and protrusions of cedars for the columns. 3And he decorated with fretwork in cedar the house above upon the sides of the columns. And the number of the columns was forty and five -- [5row 4in one 1ten 2and 3seven]. 4And [2ridges 1three], with place upon place thrice. 5And all the doorways and the places were four-cornered being arched over, from the doorway upon the door thrice. 6And the columned porch of the columns was fifty cubits in length, and thirty cubits in width, being joined together by a columned porch in front of them. And columns and thick beams were at the front to them. 7And the columned porch of the throne where he judged there, was a columned porch for the judgment seat. And it was decorated with fretwork in cedars from floor unto upper room. 8And his house in which he shall sit there, [2courtyard 1one] is expanding to these according to this work. And [2built 3a house 1Solomon] (for the daughter of Pharaoh whom Solomon took) according to this columned porch. 9These all from out of [2stones 1valuable] being chiseled, at an interval inside from the foundation unto the moldings, and outside to the [2courtyard 1great], 10in the laying a foundation with [3stones 2valuable 1great]; stones ten cubits and eight cubits in size. 11And on top were [2stones 1valuable] according to the same measure -- hewn stones and cedars, 12of the [2courtyard 1great] round about with three rows of hewn stones, and a row being chiseled of cedar, even to the [2courtyard 3of the house 4of the  lord 1inner], and to the columned porch of the house.

The Columned Porch

13And [3sent 1king 2Solomon] and took Hiram from out of Tyre, 14the son [2woman 1of a widow], and this one was from the tribe of Naphtali, and his father was a Tyrian man, a fabricator of brass, and being accomplished of the wisdom of the craft, and of understanding, and full of knowledge to do all the work in brass. And he was brought to king Solomon, and he did every work. 15And he cast in a furnace the two columns for the columned porch of the house -- eighteen cubits was the height of the column, and the perimeter had a two and ten cubits cord encircling it. And so was the [2column 1second]. 16And [2two 3capitals 1he made] to put upon the heads of the [2columns 1molten] of brass -- five cubits was the height of the [2capital 1one], and five cubits was the height of the [2capital 1second]. 17And he made latticed works to cover the capitals of the columns; seven to the capital -- to the one; and seven to the capital -- to the second. 18And [2work 1a hanging] -- two rows of pomegranates of brass being made of lattice works, [2work 1a hanging], row upon row. And thus he did for the [2capital 1second]. 19And capitals upon the heads of the columns, a work of lily for the columned porch -- four cubits; and a ridge upon both of the columns, and on top of the sides of the capital. 20And the pomegranates were two hundred in rows upon the [2capital 1second]. 21And he set up the columns of the columned porch of the temple. And he set up the [2column 1right], and he called the name of it -- Jachin. And he set up the [2column 1left], and called the name of it -- Boaz. 22And upon the tops of the columns was a work of lily. And [5was finished 1the 2work 3of the 4columns]. 23And he made the [2sea 1cast] -- ten by a cubit from its rim unto its rim, globular, round about the same, five by a cubit was its height. And a measuring meeting together thirty cubits encircled it. 24And supports from beneath its rim round about encircled it. Ten by a cubit raising up the sea round about. Two rows of supports cast in the foundry furnace of them. 25And twelve oxen were underneath the sea -- the three looking to the north, and the three looking to the west, and the three looking to the south, and the three looking to the east. And the sea was upon them on top. 26And all the posteriors were to the inside, and the thickness of it was a palm, and the rim of it was as [2work 1a rim] of a cup with [2bud 1a lily]. [2of two 3thousand 4coos 1It had a capacity]. 27And he made ten bases of brass -- four cubits was the length of the [2base 1one], and four cubits the width of it, and three cubits was the height of it. 28And this is the work of the base joining it, and joining between the protruding parts. 29And upon the joineries between the protruding parts were lions and oxen and cherubim. And upon the protruding parts so also from above and from below the lions and the oxen places [2work 1of a descending]. 30And four wheels of brass were to the [2base 1one] and the fastenings of brass and [2four 3parts 1its], of their protrusion supports from beneath the bathing tubs, and protrusion supports pouring from the other side a man being situated before. And the mouth of it within the top and upward one cubit. 31And the mouth of it was globular, a thing made thus -- a cubit and half a cubit. And upon its mouth were carvings. And their small pillars were four-cornered, not globular. 32And four wheels were underneath the small pillars. And hands were in the wheels in the base. And the height of the [2wheel 1one] was a cubit and a half. 33And the work of the wheels was as the work [2wheels 1of chariot]. And their hands and their backs and their matters were all casted. 34And four protrusion supports were upon the four corners of the [2base 1one]. From out of the base were its shoulders. 35And upon the head of the base a half a cubit [3size 1was its 2globular] round about upon the head of the base. And the hands of it and its joineries were of it; and it opened upon the beginnings of its hands. 36And its joinery was cherubim, and lions, and [2palms 1standing], each being next to the other in front of it inside, round about. 37According to this he made ten bases, [2order 1with one] and [2measure 1one] to all. 38And he made ten pots of brass, [2of forty 3coos 1having the capacity] to the one pot, measuring four cubits. And [2pot 1one] was upon the [2base 1one] for the ten bases. 39And he put the ten bases, five on the protrusion support of the house at the right sides, and five on the protrusion support of the house at the left sides; and the sea on the protrusion support of the house at the right sides, according to the east from the side of the south. 40And Hiram made the kettles, and the tongs, and the bowls. And Hiram completed making all the works which he made for king Solomon in the house of the  lord -- 41[2columns 1two] and the twisted works of the carvings, the ones being upon the heads of the [2columns 1two]; and [2latticed works 1two], to cover both the twisted works of the carvings, the ones being upon the columns; 42and the pomegranates -- four hundred to both the latticed works; two rows of pomegranates to the [2latticed work 1one], to cover all over both the twisted works, the ones being upon both of the columns; 43and the ten bases, and the [2pots 1ten] upon the bases; 44and the [2sea 1one], and the twelve oxen underneath the sea; 45and the kettles, and the tongs, and the bowls. And all the items which Hiram made for king Solomon for the house of the  lord [2of brass 1were entirely]. 46In the adjacent area of the Jordan [3cast them 1the 2king] in the thick earth between Succoth and between Zarthan. 47And [4put away 1Solomon 2the 3king] all the items, because of [2multitude 1the exceeding] which there was no weight of the brass. 48And Solomon made all the items in the house of the  lord -- the [2altar 1gold], and the table (upon which are the bread loaves of the [2place setting 1gold]). 49And the [2lamp-stands 1five] at the right sides, and five at the left sides, in front of the dabir [2of gold 1being completely made]; and the oil lamp bowls, and the lamps, and the oil funnels were of gold; 50and the thresholds, and the nails, and the bowls, and the saucers, and the incense pans [2of gold 1were joined]. And the doorways of the doors of the [2house 1innermost], of the holy of holies, and the doors of the house of the temple were of gold. 51And [6was fulfilled 1all 2the 3work 4which 5Solomon did] for the house of the  lord. And Solomon carried in the holy things of David his father, the silver and the gold; and the equipment he put into the treasury of the house of the  lord.
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