1 Kings 11


Solomon's Heart Is Turned to Other Gods

1And king Solomon was fond of women, and he took [2wives 1alien], and the daughter of Pharaoh, and Moabitish, and Ammonitish, and Edomites, and Sidonians, and Hittites. 2of the nations which the  lord forbade to the sons of Israel, saying, You shall not enter to them, and they shall not enter to you; that they should not turn aside your hearts after their idols -- for of them Solomon cleaved to love. 3And there were to him [2wives 3being female rulers 1seven hundred], and [2concubines 1three hundred]. And [2inclined away 1his wives] his heart. 4And it came to pass in a time of old age of Solomon, his wives turned aside his heart after other gods. And [2was not 1his heart] perfect with the  lord his God, as was the heart of David his father. 5And Solomon went after Ashtoreth god of the Sidonians, and after Milcom the abomination of Ammon. 6And Solomon did evil before the  lord, and did not go after the  lord as David his father. 7Then Solomon built a high place to Chemosh, the idol of Moab, in the mountain before Jerusalem, and to Molech the idol of the sons of Ammon. 8And thus he did for all [3wives 1his 2alien], ones burning incense and sacrificing to their idols. 9And the  lord was provoked to anger at Solomon, for he turned aside his heart from the  lord God of Israel -- the one appearing to him twice, 10after being given charge to him, for this word thoroughly, to not go after other gods. And he did not guard what [2gave charge 3to him 1the  lord].

Judgment Pronounced against Solomon

11And the  lord said to Solomon, Because these things happened with you, and you did not guard my commandments, and my orders, which I gave charge to you, in tearing I will tear up your kingdom from out of your hand, and I will give it to your servant. 12Except in your days I will not do them on account of David your father -- from out of the hand of your son I will take it. 13Except the entire kingdom in no way shall I take. [2chiefdom 1One] I will give to your son because of David my servant, and because of Jerusalem the city which I chose. 14And the  lord raised up an adversary against Solomon, Hadad the Edomite; from out of the seed of the kingdom in Edom. 15And it happened in David utterly destroying Edom, in the going of Joab the ruler of the military to bury the slain, that they smote every male in Edom; 16for six months [2laid in wait 3there 1Joab] and all Israel, until of which time he utterly destroyed every man of Edom. 17And Hadad ran away, he and the Edomite men of the servants of his father with him. And they entered into Egypt. And Hadad [2boy 1was a small]. 18And they rose up out of Midian, and came into Paran. And they took men with themselves, and they came to Pharaoh king of Egypt. And Hadad entered to Pharaoh. And he gave to him a house, and [2bread loaves 1ordered] for him, and [2land 1gave] to him. 19And Hadad found favor before Pharaoh, exceedingly. And he gave to him a wife, the sister of his wife -- the [2sister 3of Tahpenes 1the older]. 20And [4bore 5to him 1the 2sister 3of Tahpenes], to Hadad, Genubath her son. And [2nourished 3him 1Tahpenes] in the midst of the house of Pharaoh. And Genubath was in the house of Pharaoh in the midst of the sons of Pharaoh. 21And Hadad heard in Egypt that David had gone to sleep with his fathers, and that [6had died 1Joab 2the 3ruler 4of the 5military]. And Hadad said to Pharaoh, Send me, and I will return unto my land. 22And Pharaoh said to Hadad, What do you lack with me, that behold, you seek to go forth into your land? And [2said 3to him 1Hadad], Not one thing, but by sending you shall send me. 23And God raised up an adversary against him, Rezon son of Eliadah, who fled from Hadadezer king of Zobah, his master. 24And [2were gathered together 3against 4him 1the men], and he was ruler of the confederation, and he first took Damascus, and he settled in it, and he reigned in Damascus. 25And there was an adversary to Israel all the days of Solomon. This is the evil which Hadad did, and oppressed against Israel, and he reigned in the land of Edom. 26And Jeroboam son of Nebat the Ephrathite from Zereda, son [2woman 1of a widow], was a servant of Solomon. 27And this was the thing he did as he lifted up the hand against king Solomon. And king Solomon built the Akra, and he completed the barrier of the city of David his father. 28And the man Jeroboam was strong in power. And Solomon saw the young man that [2a man 3of works 1he is], and he placed him over the tribute of the house of Joseph.

Ahijah Prophesies the Division of the Kingdom

29And it came to pass in that time that Jeroboam came forth out of Jerusalem, and [6found 7him 1Ahijah 2the 3Shilonite 4the 5prophet] in the way; and Ahijah separated him from the way. And Ahijah was wearing [2cloak 1a new], and both were alone in the plain. 30And Ahijah took hold of his own cloak, the new one upon him, and he tore it into twelve pieces. 31And he said to Jeroboam, Take for yourself ten pieces! for thus says the  lord God of Israel, Behold, I tear the kingdom from out of the hand of Solomon, and I give to you ten chiefdoms. 32And two chiefdoms will be his, on account of my servant David, and on account of Jerusalem the city which I chose in it from out of all the tribes of Israel; 33because he abandoned me, and offered unto Ashtoreth the abomination of the Sidonians, and to Chemosh the idol of Moab, and to Milcom the loathsome thing of the sons of Ammon. And he did not go in my ways to do the upright thing before me, and my orders, and my ordinances, as [3did 1David 2his father]. 34And in no way will I take the kingdom entirely from his hand (for by resisting I shall resist him all the days of his life) because of David my servant -- whom I chose him, who guarded the commandments and my ordinances. 35And I shall take the kingdom from out of the hand of his son, and I will give to you the ten chiefdoms. 36 But to his son I will give the two chiefdoms, so that there might be a designation to my servant David all the days before me in Jerusalem, the city which I chose for myself to put my name there. 37And you shall take, and you shall reign in wherever [2desires 1your soul], and you will be king over Israel. 38And it will be if you should guard all as much as I gave charge to you, and should go in my ways, and do the upright thing before me, to keep my orders, and my commandments, as did David my servant; then I will be with you, and I shall build for you [2house 1a sure], as I built for David. 39And I will give to you Israel, and I will mistreat the seed of David on account of these things, except not for all the days.

Jeroboam Flees from Solomon

40And Solomon sought to put Jeroboam to death. And he rose up, and ran away unto Egypt, to Shishak king of Egypt. And he was in Egypt until Solomon died. 41And the rest of the words of Solomon, and all as many things as he did, and all his intellect -- behold, have not these been written in the scroll of the sayings of Solomon? 42And the days which Solomon reigned in Jerusalem was forty years over all Israel. 43And Solomon slept with his fathers, and they entombed him in the city of David his father. And [3reigned 1Rehoboam 2his son] instead of him.
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