1 Kings 13


The Man of God from Beth-el

1And behold, a man of God came from out of Judah with a word of the  lord unto Beth-el. And Jeroboam stood upon the altar to sacrifice. 2And he called upon the altar with the word of the  lord, and said, O altar, O altar, thus says the  lord, Behold, a son is born to the house of David, Josiah is his name, and he shall sacrifice upon you the priests of the high places, the ones sacrificing upon you, and bones of men he shall burn upon you. 3And he executed in that day a miracle, saying, This is the saying which the  lord spoke, saying, Behold, the altar is torn, and [6shall be poured out 1the 2fatness 3being 4upon 5it]. 4And it came to pass as [3heard 1king 2Jeroboam] the words of the man of God. of the one calling upon the altar in Beth-el, that he stretched out his hand from the altar, saying, Seize him! And [2withered 1his hand] which he stretched out against him, and he was not able to return it to himself. 5And the altar tore, and [3poured out 1the 2fatness] from the altar, according to the portent which [4gave 1the 2man 3of God] by the word of the  lord. 6And [3answered 1the 2king], and said to the man of God, Beseech the face of the  lord your God, and return my hand to me! And [4beseeched 1the 2man 3of God] the face of the  lord, and [5returned 1the 2hand 3of the 4king] to him, and it became as formerly. 7And [3spoke 1the 2king] to the man of God, Enter with me to my house and dine, and I will give to you a gift! 8And [4said 1the 2man 3of God] to the king, If you should give to me half of your house, I will not enter with you, neither will I eat bread, nor drink water in this place. 9For thus [2gave charge 3to me 1the  lord] by a word, saying, In no way should you eat bread, nor in any way should you drink water, nor in any way should you return in the way in which you came by it. 10And he went forth by [2way 1another], and did not return in the way which he came by it unto Beth-el.

The Prophet Tests the Man of God

11And a prophet, one old man, dwelt in Beth-el. And [2came 1his sons] and described to him all the works which [4did 1the 2man 3of God] in that day in Beth-el, and the words which he spoke to the king. And they turned the face of their father. 12And [2said 3to 4them 1their father], saying, Which way has he went? And [2showed 3to him 1his sons] the way which [4went 1the 2man 3of God], the one coming from out of Judah. 13And he said to his sons, Saddle for me the donkey! And they saddled for him the donkey. And he mounted upon him, 14and he went after the man of God. And he found him sitting down under the oak. And he said to him, Are you the man of God, the one coming from out of Judah? And he said, I am. 15And he said to him, Come with me, and eat bread! 16And he said, In no way am I able to return with you, nor should I eat bread, nor in any way should I drink water in this place. 17For so it has been given charge to me by the word of the  lord, saying, You shall not eat bread there, and you shall not drink water, and you shall not return there in the way in which you went by it. 18And he said to him, And I am a prophet as you, and an angel spoke to me by word of the  lord, saying, Return him with yourself to your house, and let him eat bread, and drink water! But he lied to him. 19And he returned him, and he ate bread, and he drank water in his house.

The Prophet Rebukes the Man of God

20And it came to pass of them sitting down at the table, that [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to the prophet, the one having returned him. 21And he said to the man of God, the one having come from out of Judah, saying, Thus says the  lord, Because you rebelled against the saying of the  lord, and did not guard the commandment which [3gave charge 4to you 1the  lord 2your God], 22but you returned and ate bread, and drank water in this place, in which he spoke to you, saying, You shall not eat bread nor drink water -- in no way shall [3enter 2body 1your] into the burying-place of your fathers. 23And it came to pass after he ate bread and drank water, that he saddled for him the donkey, for the prophet, and he returned. 24And he went forth. And [2found 3him 1a lion] in the way, and it killed him. And [2was 1his body] tossed in the way, and the donkey stood by it, and the lion stood by the body. 25And behold, men coming near also beheld the decaying flesh tossed in the way, and the lion standing next to the decaying flesh. And they entered and spoke in the city of which the prophet, the old man, dwelt in it. 26And [7heard 1the one 2returning 3him 4from out of 5the 6way], and said, [3the 4man 5of God 1This 2is] who rebelled against the word of the  lord; and [2gave 3him 1the  lord] to the lion, and it broke him, and it killed him, according to the word of the  lord which he spoke to him. 27And he spoke to his sons, saying, Saddle for me the donkey! And they saddled it. 28And he went and found his body having been tossed in the way, and the donkey and the lion were standing by the body, and [3did not 4eat 1the 2lion] the body, and it did not tear apart the donkey. 29And [3lifted 1the 2prophet] the body of the man of God, and he placed it upon the donkey, and he returned it to the city of the [2prophet 1old], to lament and to entomb him. 30And he put his body in his tomb; and they lamented him, saying, Woe O brother. 31And it came to pass after lamenting him, that he said to his sons, saying, If I die, entomb me in this tomb in which the man of God was entombed in it! [3by 4his bones 1Put 2me]! that [3should be preserved 2bones 1my] with his bones. 32For [8coming to pass 7will be 1the 2saying 3which 4he spoke 5by the word 6of the  lord] against the altar in Beth-el, and against the houses of the high places, of the ones in Samaria. 33And after this saying [2did not 3turn 1Jeroboam] from his evil, but he returned and appointed from part of the people priests of the high places. The one wanting to be a priest he filled the post by his hand, and he became priest of the high places. 34And it came to pass this thing became sin to the house of Jeroboam, and for ruin, and for extinction from the face of the earth.
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