1 Samuel 10


Samuel Anoints Saul as King

1And Samuel took the flask, of oil and poured down upon his head, and kissed him. And he said to him, Is it not that [2anointed 3you 1the  lord] as ruler over his inheritance? 2As soon as you should go forth today from me, that you shall find two men near the burying-places of Rachel, on the borders of Benjamin, leaping greatly. And they shall say to you, [3have been found 1the 2donkeys] which you went to seek. And behold, your father brushed off the matter of the donkeys, and is worried about you, saying, What should I do about my son? 3And you shall go forth from there, and beyond. And you shall come unto the oak of Tabor, and you shall find there three men ascending to God unto Beth-el, one taking three kids, and one taking three containers of bread loaves, and one taking a leather bag of wine. 4And they shall ask you the things for peace; and they shall give to you two first-fruits of bread loaves, and you shall take them from out of their hand. 5And after these things you shall enter unto the hill of God, of which is there the height of the Philistines. And it will take place when ever you should enter there into the city, that you will meet a company of dancers of prophets coming down from out of Bama, and in front of them a stringed instrument, and tambourine, and pipe, and lute; and they are prophesying. 6And [3shall spring 4upon 5you 1spirit 2of the  lord], and you shall prophesy with them, and you shall turn into [2man 1another]. 7And it will be whenever [2shall come 1these signs] upon you, do all as much as [2should find 1your hand], for God is with you! 8And you shall go down in front of me unto Gilgal. And behold, I come down to you, to offer a whole burnt-offering, and to sacrifice sacrifice offerings of peace. Seven days you shall stop until my coming to you, and to make known to you what you shall do. 9And it came to pass so as [2turned 1his shoulder] to go forth from Samuel, that [2converted 3his 1God] heart to another. And came to pass all these signs in that day. 10And he comes from there unto the hill. And behold, a company of dancers of prophets right opposite him; and [3leaped 4upon 5him 1spirit 2of God], and he prophesied in the midst of them. 11And came to pass all the things being made known to him yesterday and the third day before. And behold, he was in the midst of the prophets prophesying. And [4said 1the 2people 3each] to his neighbor, What is this, the thing having happened to the son of Kish? Or is also Saul among the prophets? 12And [4answered 1a certain one 2of 3them], and said, And who is his father? On account of this it became for a parable, Might also Saul be among the prophets? 13And he completed prophesying, and comes to the hill. 14And [2said 3to him 1his uncle] and to his servant-lad, Where have you gone? And he said, To seek the donkeys, and we saw that they are not around, and we entered unto Samuel. 15And [3said 1the 2uncle] to Saul, Report indeed to me what [2said 3to you 1Samuel]! 16And Saul said to the member of his family, By reporting he reported to me that [3were found 1the 2donkeys]. But the matter of the kingdom, he did not report to him, what Samuel said. 17And Samuel summoned all the people to the  lord in Mizpeh. 18And he said to the sons of Israel, Thus said the  lord God of Israel, saying, I led Israel from out of Egypt, and I rescued you from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and from the hand of all the kingdoms of the ones afflicting you. 19And you today treat with contempt your God, who he himself is your deliverer from out of all your bad things, and your afflictions. And you said, But only a king you shall place over us. And now, stand before the  lord according to your tribes and according to your thousands! 20And Samuel led forward all the tribes of Israel, and [3was chosen by lot 1the tribe 2of Benjamin].

Saul Confirmed as King

21And he led forward the tribe of Benjamin according to family, and [3was chosen by lot 1the family 2of Matri]. And [4was chosen by lot 1Saul 2son 3of Kish]. And he sought him, and he was not found. 22And Samuel asked again to the  lord, Shall [4come 3still 5here 1the 2man]? And the  lord said, Behold, he hides among the equipment. 23And he ran and took him from there, and placed him in the midst of the people, and he was high above all the people -- head and shoulders and above. 24And Samuel said to all the people, You see whom [3has chosen 4for himself 1the 2  lord], that there is not one likened to him among all you? And [4knew 1all 2the 3people], and said, Let [3live 1the 2king]! 25And Samuel spoke to the people the ordinance of the kingship. And he wrote in a scroll, and put it before the  lord. And Samuel sent out all the people, and [2went forth 1each] unto his place. 26And Saul went forth unto his house in Gibeah. And [4went 1the 2sons 3of power] (whom the  lord touched their hearts) with Saul. 27And [2sons 1the mischievous] said, Who is [2that shall deliver 3us 1this]? And they dishonored him, and did not bring him gifts. And he became one being silent.
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