1 Samuel 16


Samuel Goes to Jesse at Beth-lehem

1And the  lord said to Samuel, Until when do you mourn for Saul, and I treat him with contempt to not reign over Israel? Fill your horn with oil, and come! I shall send you to Jesse, unto Beth-lehem. For I have seen one among his sons to me for a king. 2And Samuel said, How should I go, for Saul shall hear and shall kill me? And the  lord said, Take in your hand a heifer of the oxen! And you shall say, [2to sacrifice 3to the 4  lord 1I come]. 3And you shall call Jesse and his sons to the sacrifice, and I shall make known to you what you shall do. And you shall anoint to me whom ever I should tell to you. 4And Samuel did all as much as the  lord said. And he came unto Beth-lehem, and startled the elders of the city meeting him. And they said, [2for peace 1Is your entrance]? 5And he said, Peace, [2to sacrifice 3to the 4  lord 1I come]. Sanctify yourselves and recline with me today for the sacrifice! And he sanctified Jesse and his sons, and he called them to the sacrifice. 6And it came to pass in their entering, that he beheld Eliab, and said, None other than [2is before 3the  lord 1his anointed]. 7And the  lord said to Samuel, You should not look upon his appearance, nor unto the manner of his greatness, for I treat him with contempt; for not as [2shall look 1a man] shall God see. For man shall see on the surface, but God shall see into the heart. 8And Jesse called Abinadab, and he went by the face of Samuel. And he said, Nor this one the  lord chose. 9And Jesse caused to pass by Shammah. And he said, Nor in this one the  lord chose. 10And Jesse caused to pass by [2seven 3sons 1his] before Samuel. And Samuel said to Jesse, [2chose not 1The  lord] among these. 11And Samuel said to Jesse, Have [3ceased 1the 2boys]? And Jesse said, There yet is the lesser, behold, he tends among the flock. And Samuel said to Jesse, Send and take him! for in no way shall we lie down to eat until he comes here.

Samuel Anoints David

12And he sent, and brought him. And he was ruddy with beauty of the eyes, and good to the sight. And the  lord said to Samuel, Rise up, anoint him! for this it is. 13And Samuel took the horn of oil, and he anointed him in the midst of his brothers. And [3sprang up 1spirit 2of the  lord] upon David from that day and forward. And Samuel rose up and went forth unto Ramah. 14And spirit of the  lord left from Saul, and [5smothered 6him 2spirit 1a ferocious 3from 4the  lord]. 15And [4said 1the 2servants 3of Saul] to him, Behold, [2spirit 1a ferocious] from the  lord smothers you. 16Let speak indeed, O lord, your servants before you! And let them seek for our lord a man knowing to strum with a lute! And it will be when the [3be 4unto 5you 2spirit 1ferocious] by God, that he should strum with his lute, and [2good 3to you 1it will be].

David Strums before Saul

17And Saul said to his servants, Look indeed for me for a man rightly skilled for strumming, and bring him to me! 18And answered one of his servant-lads, and said, Behold, I have seen the son of Jesse the Beth-lehemite, and he knows to strum, and the man is discerning, and a warrior, and wise in word, and the man is good to the sight, and the  lord is with him. 19And Saul sent messengers to Jesse, saying, Send out to me David your son, the one among your flock. 20And Jesse took an ass, and put upon it a homer of bread loaves, and a leather bag of wine, and [2kid 3of the goats 1one], and sent them by the hand of David his son to Saul. 21And David entered to Saul, and stood before him, and loved him exceedingly. And he became to him the one lifting his weapons. 22And Saul sent to Jesse, saying, Let [2stand 3indeed 1David] before me, for he found favor in my eyes! 23And it came to pass in the being [3from 4God 2spirit 1a ferocious] upon Saul, that David took the lute, and strummed with his hand. And Saul was refreshed, and it was good to him, and [4abstained 5from 6him 1the 3spirit 2ferocious].
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