1 Samuel 20


Jonathan and David Make a Covenant

1And David ran away from Naioth in Ramah, and he came before Jonathan. And he said, What have I done, and what is my offence, and how have I sinned before your father, that he seeks anxiously my life? 2And [2said 3to him 1Jonathan], Far be it to you. In no way shall you die. Behold, in no way shall [2do 1my father] a thing, great or small, and shall not reveal it in my ear. And why shall [2hide 1my father] from me this thing? [3not 2is 1This] so. 3And David answered Jonathan, and he said, In perceiving, [2sees 1your father] that I have found favor in your eyes. And he said, Let not [2know 3this 1Jonathan], lest he should prefer him! But as lives the  lord, and as lives your soul, that as I said, the space is filled up between me and between your father unto death. 4And Jonathan said to David, What does [2desire 1your soul], and what should I do for you? 5And David said to Jonathan, Behold indeed, it is a new moon tomorrow, and I in sitting should sit down with the king to eat. And you shall send me, and I shall be hid in the plain until afternoon. 6If in numbering [2should number 3me missing 1your father], then you shall say, In asking pardon [2asks pardon 3of 4me 1David] to run unto Beth-lehem his city, for the sacrifice of the feast days is there for the entire tribe. 7If thus he should say, Fine, then it will be peace to your servant. And if harshly he should answer to you, know that [2is completed 1evil] by him! 8And you will do mercy with your servant, for you brought your servant into a covenant of the  lord with yourself. And if there is injustice in your servant, [2put me to death 1you]! And [5unto 6your father 1why 2thus 3should you bring 4me]? 9And Jonathan said, Far be it to you; for if in knowing I should know that [3is completed 1the 2evil] by my father to come against you, then would I not report it to you? 10And David said to Jonathan, Who shall report to me if [2should answer 1your father] harshly? 11And Jonathan said to David, You go! for we should go out in the field. And they went forth both into the field. 12And Jonathan said to David, The  lord God of Israel knows that I will question my father according to [2time 1a third]. And behold, if it should be good for David, then in no way shall I send to you in the field. 13Thus God do to Jonathan, and thus add to it, if I will not bring the evils unto you, and I will uncover your ear, and I will send you, and you will go in peace. And the  lord will be with you, as he was with my father. 14And if during my living you shall do [3with 4me 1mercy 2of the  lord], even if in death I should die, 15you shall not remove your mercy from my house unto the eon. And not even in the removing by the  lord of the enemies of David, each from the face of the earth, 16shall [2be lifted away 1Jonathan] from the house of David, even if the  lord should require from the hands of the enemies of David. 17And Jonathan proceeded to swear by an oath to David, because of the loving him, for he loved the soul loving him.

Jonathan Helps David to Escape

18And [2said 3to him 1Jonathan], Tomorrow is a new moon, and overseeing [2shall be watched 1your chair]. 19And you shall do it three times, and you shall watch, and you shall come into the place where you may hide there in the day of the deed, and you shall sit down by that stone. 20And I shall be three times in the [2darts 1shooting], and sending them forth to the mark. 21And behold, I shall send the servant-lad, saying, Come find to me the dart! If I should say to the servant-lad, Here is the dart away from you here, take it! then you come, for peace shall be to you, and there is no bad communication; as lives the  lord. 22But if thus I should say to the young man, Here is the dart, away from you and beyond. Go! for [2sends 3you out 1the  lord]. 23And concerning the word which we have spoken, I and you, behold, the  lord is witness between me and you unto the eon. 24And David was hidden in the field. And it became a new moon, and [3comes 1the 2king] unto the table to eat. 25And [3sat 1the 2king] upon his chair as once and once before that, upon the chair by the wall. And [2went beforehand by 3him 1Jonathan], and Abner sat by the side of Saul. And [4was watched 1the 2place 3of David]. 26And [2did not 3say 1Saul] anything in that day, for he said, A coincidence, for he appears [2not 4clean 1to 3be], for he has not cleansed himself. 27And it came to pass in the next day of the month, the [2day 1second], and [4was watched 1the 2place 3of David]. And Saul said to Jonathan his son, Why is it that he has not come, the son of Jesse, even yesterday and today unto the table? 28And Jonathan answered Saul, and said, [2asks pardon 3of 4me 1David], so as [2to 3Beth-lehem 4his city 1to go]. 29And he said, Send me indeed, for [2a sacrifice 3of the 4tribe 1we have] in the city, and [2gave charge 3for 4me 1my brethren]. And now if I have found favor in your eyes, I will go forth indeed and see my brethren. On account of this he does not come unto the table of the king. 30And [2was enraged 3in anger 1Saul] at Jonathan exceedingly, and said to him, O son [2woman 1of a deserting], [3not 1for 2do you] know that you are a partner to the son of Jesse for your shame, and for the shame of uncovering your mother? 31For all the days which the son of Jesse lives upon the earth, you shall not be prepared, you nor your kingdom. Now then, send and take the young man! for [2a son 3of death 1he is]. 32And Jonathan responded to Saul his father, and said, Why does he die? What has he done? 33And Saul lifted up the spear against Jonathan to put him to death. And Jonathan knew that [2has been completed 1this evil] by his father to put David to death. 34And Jonathan jumped up from the table in anger of rage. And he did not eat bread on the second day of the month, for he was devastated for David, for [2planned 1his father] to finish him off. 35And it became morning, and Jonathan came forth into the field as he gave order for the testimony to David, and [2servant-lad 1the small] was with him. 36And he said to the servant-lad, You run and find for me the darts which I shall shoot! And the servant-lad ran. And he shot the arrow, and it passed by him. 37And [3came 1the 2servant-lad] unto the place of the arrows which Jonathan shot. And Jonathan yelled out after the boy, and said, [3is there 1the 2dart] away from you and beyond. 38And Jonathan yelled out after his servant-lad, saying, In hastening, you hasten! for you should not stand. And [4gathered up 1the 2servant-lad 3of Jonathan] the darts, and he brought the darts to his master. 39And the servant-lad did not know anything, only Jonathan and David knew the thing. 40And Jonathan gave his weapons to his servant-lad, and said to his servant-lad, Go, enter into the city! 41And as [3entered the city 1the 2servant-lad], then David rose up from the chest, and fell upon his face upon the ground, and did obeisance to him three times. And [2kissed 1each] his dear one, and [2wept 1each] over his dear one unto [4finale 3of a great 1David 2exceeded]. 42And Jonathan said to David, Go in peace! And as we swore by an oath, both of us in the name of the  lord, saying, The  lord will be witness between me and you, and between my seed and your seed, unto the eon. And David rose up and went forth. And Jonathan entered into the city.
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