1 Samuel 25


Nabal and Abigail

1And Samuel died; and [3gathered together 1all 2Israel], and lamented him, and entombed him in his house in Ramah. And David rose up, and went down into the wilderness of Paran. 2And there was a man in Maon, and his work was in Carmel, and the man [2great 1was exceedingly]. And to this man were [2sheep 1three thousand], and [2goats 1a thousand]. And it happened during the shearing of his flock in Carmel. 3And the name of the man was Nabal, and the name of his wife was Abigail. And his wife had good understanding, and was good to the sight, exceedingly. And the man was recalcitrant, and wicked in practices, and the man was churlish. 4And David heard in the wilderness that [4was shearing 1Nabal 2the 3Carmelite] his flock. 5And David sent ten servants. And he said to the servants, Ascend to Carmel, and come to Nabal, and ask him in my name the things for peace! 6And you shall say thus, For a season may it be for you being in health and your house, and all the things of yours being in health. 7And now, behold, I hear that [2shear 3for you 4now 1your shepherds], the ones who were with us in the wilderness, and we did not detain them, and we did not give charge to them in anything all the days of their being in Carmel. 8Ask of your servants! and they will tell you. Let us [2find 1your servants] favor in your eyes! for upon [2day 1a good] we come. Give indeed what ever [2should find 1your hand] to your servants, and to your son David! 9And [4come 1the 2servants 3of David], and speak to Nabal according to all these things in the name of David. 10And Nabal jumped up and responded to the servants of David, and he said, Who is David, and who is the son of Jesse? Today [3multiplying 1there are 2servants], [2withdrawing 1each] from the presence of his master. 11And shall I take my bread loaves, and my wine, and my things offered in sacrifices which I have sacrificed to the ones shearing for me the sheep, and shall I give them to men whom I do not know from what place they are? 12And [4turned back 1the 2servants 3of David] unto their way. And they returned, and they came, and they announced to David according to all these words. 13And David said to his men, Let [2tie on 1each man] his sword! And David even himself tied on his sword. And they ascended after David, about four hundred men, and two hundred stayed by the equipment. 14And [5to 6Abigail 7wife 8of Nabal 9reported 1one 2of 3the 4servants], saying, Behold, David sent messengers from out of the wilderness to bless our master, and he turned aside from them. 15And the men were good to us, exceedingly. And they did not detain us, nor charged to us anything all the days which we were by them, in our being in the field. 16[2as 3a wall 1They were] for us, both day and night, all the days of our being with them and tending the flocks. 17And now perceive and see what you shall do! for [2is completed 1evil] against our master, and against his house; and he is a son of pestilence, and there is no way to speak to him. 18And Abigail hastened, and took two hundred bread loaves, and two receptacles of wine, and five sheep prepared, and five ephahs of toasted grains, and [2homer 1one] of dried grapes, and two hundred dried clusters of figs; and she put them upon the donkeys. 19And she said to her servants, You go forth in front of me! and behold, I [2after 3you 1come]. But to her husband Nabal she did not report. 20And it came to pass of her being mounted upon the donkey, that she went down in the protection of the mountain. And behold, David and his men went down to meet her, and she met them. 21And David said, Perhaps it was unjust I guarded all the things of Nabal in the wilderness, and asked not to take of any of his things -- nothing. And he recompensed to me evil for good. 22Thus God do to the enemies to David, and thus may he add, if I leave behind of all of the ones of Nabal unto the morning of ones urinating against the wall.

Abigail Intercedes

23And Abigail saw David, and hastening she came down from the donkey, and fell before David upon her face, and did obeisance to him upon the ground. 24And [2by 3his feet 1she fell], and she said, On me, O my lord, be the injustice. Let [3speak 1indeed 2your maidservant] into your ears, and you hear the words of your maidservant!

Abigail Prophesies before David

25Let not indeed [2put 1my master] his heart against [2man 1this pestilent], against Nabal! For according to his name, thus is he Nabal. His name, and folly is with him. And I your maidservant did not see the servants of my master whom you sent. 26And now, O my lord, as the  lord lives, and as [2lives 1your soul], as [2restrained 3you 1the  lord] to not come against [2blood 1innocent], and to deliver your hand for yourself. And now may [2become 3as 4Nabal 1your enemies], and the ones seeking [2against 3my lord 1bad things]. 27And now receive this blessing which [2has brought 1your maidservant] to my master! and you shall give it to the servants standing beside my master. 28Take away indeed the violation of your maidservant! for in doing, the  lord shall make [3for my master 2house 1a trustworthy], for [4the battle 5for my master 1the 2  lord 3shall wage], and evil shall not be found in you at any time. 29And if [2should rise up 1a man] to pursue you, and seeking your life, that [4will be 1the 2life 3of my master] bound in a bond of life by the  lord God; and the life of your enemies you shall sling as in the midst of the sling. 30And it shall be whenever the  lord shall do for my master, according to all [2which 3he spoke 1good things] concerning you, that [2shall give charge 3to you 1the  lord] for taking the lead over Israel. 31Then [5shall not 6be 7against your 1this 2abomination 3and 4obstacle] heart, to my master, to pour out [2blood 1innocent] without charge, and to deliver the hand of my master for himself. And the  lord shall do good to my master. And you shall remember your maidservant, [2well 1to do] to her. 32And David said to Abigail, Blessed be the  lord God of Israel, who sent you [3day 1in 2this] to meet me. 33And blessed be your manner, and blessed be you to detain me today in this, to not come for blood, and to deliver my hand from myself. 34Only as lives the  lord God of Israel, who detained me today of doing evil to you, that unless you hastened and came to meet me, not would there have been left behind to Nabal unto the light of the morning one urinating against the wall. 35And David took from her hand all which she brought to him. And he said to her, Ascend in peace to your house. See, I hearkened to your voice, and I took up your person! 36And Abigail came to Nabal. And behold, there was to him a banquet in his house, as the banquet of a king. And the heart of Nabal was good with him, and he was being intoxicated exceedingly. And [2did not 3report 1Abigal] to Nabal the thing, great or small, until the light of the morning. 37And it came to pass in the morning as [2sobered up 3from 4the 5wine 1Nabal], [2reported 3to him 1his wife] all these things. And [3died 2heart 1his] in him, and he became as stone.

David Marries Abigail

38And it came to pass after about ten days, that the  lord struck Nabal and he died. 39And David heard that Nabal died, and he said, Blessed be the  lord who judged the case of my being scorned by the hand of Nabal, and [2his servant 1protected] from out of the hand of evils. And the evil of Nabal the  lord returned against his own head. And David sent and spoke concerning Abigail, to take her to himself for a wife. 40And [4came 1the 2servants 3of David] to Abigail in Carmel. And they spoke to her, saying, David sends us to you, to take you to himself for a wife. 41And rising, she did obeisance upon her face upon the ground. And she said, Behold, your maidservant is for a girl to wash the feet of the servants of my master. 42And [2hastened 3and 4rose up 1Abigail], and mounted upon the donkey, and five of her young women followed her. And she went after the servants of David, and became to him for a wife. 43And [3Ahinoam 2took 1David] of Jezreel; and both were his wives. 44And Saul gave Michal his daughter, the wife of David, to Phalti son of Laish, the one of Gallim.
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