1 Samuel 29


The Philistines War with Israel

1And [2gathered 1the 1Philistines] all their camps unto Aphek. And Israel camped in En-dor, the one in Jezreel. 2And the satraps of the Philistines came by the hundreds and thousands. And David and his men came near at the last with Achish. 3And [5said 1the 2satraps 3of the 4Philistines], Who are these traveling? And Achish said to the satraps of the Philistines, Is not this David, the servant of Saul king of Israel, who has been with me some days this second year. And I have not found in him any fault from which days he fell in with me until this day. 4And [5were enraged 6over 7him 1the 2satraps 3of the 4Philistines], and they say to him, Return the man! and let him return unto his people of which you placed him there, and do not let him come with us to the battle, and let him not become a plotter in the camp! And how shall he be reconciled to his master? Will it not be with the heads of those men? 5Is this not David, which they led in dances, saying, Saul struck his thousands, and David his ten thousands? 6And Achish called David, and said to him, As the  lord lives, know that you are upright and good in my eyes, and so is your exiting and your entering with me in the camp. For I did not find against you an evil from which day you came to me until this day. But in the eyes of the satraps [2not 3good 1you are]. 7And now, return and go in peace! and in no way shall you do evil in the eyes of the satraps of the Philistines. 8And David said to Achish, What have I done to you? And what did you find in your servant from which day I was before you, and until this day, that in no way I should come to wage war against the enemies of my master the king? 9And Achish answered and said to David, I know that you are good in my eyes, as an angel of God, but the satraps of the Philistines say, He shall not come with us to war. 10And now, rise early in the morning, you and the servants of your master, the ones having come with you, and go to the place where I placed you there! And you rise early in the journey, and when it gives light to you then go! 11And David rose early, he and his men to go forth in the morning, and to guard the land of the Philistines. And the Philistines ascended to wage war against Israel.
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