1 Samuel 30


Amalek Burns Ziklag and Takes Captives

1And it came to pass in the entering of David and of his men to Ziklag, on the [2day 1third], that Amalek made an attack upon the south, and upon Ziklag. And it struck Ziklag, and burnt it with fire. 2And the women, and all the ones in it, from small unto great they did not put to death, man nor woman, but they took them captive, and went forth in their way. 3And [4came 1David 2and 3his men] unto the city, and, behold, it was burnt with fire; and their wives, and their sons, and their daughters, were taken captive. 4And [4lifted 1David 2and 3his men] their voice, and they wept until whenever there was no strength in them to weep any longer. 5And both the wives of David were captured -- Ahinoam the Jezreelitess, and Abigail the wife of Nabal the Carmelite. 6And David was afflicted very much, for [3said 1the 2people] to stone him, for [4were in severe pain 5of soul 1all 2the 3people], each over his sons, and over his daughters. And David was fortified by the  lord his God. 7And David said to Abiathar the priest, son of Ahimelech, Lead forward the ephod. And Abiathar led forward the ephod to David. 8And David asked through the  lord, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop? Shall I overtake them? And [2said 3to him 1the  lord], Pursue! for in overtaking you shall overtake them, and in rescuing you shall rescue. 9And David went, he and the six hundred men with him. And they come unto the rushing stream of Besor, and the extra ones stopped. 10And [4pursued 1about 2four hundred 3men], [4stood 1and 2two hundred 3men], who stayed on the other side of the rushing stream Besor. 11And they find an Egyptian man in the field, and they take him, and bring him to David, and give to him bread and he ate, and they gave [3to drink 1him 2water]. 12And they give to him a piece of dried cluster of figs, and two dried grape clusters; and he ate, and [2stood up 1his spirit] in him. For he had not eaten bread, and had not drank water, three days and three nights. 13And [2said 3to him 1David], Who are you, and from what place are you? And [4said 3servant-lad 1the 2Egyptian], I am a servant of a man, an Amalekite; and [2left 3me 1my master] for I was unwell, today being three days. 14And we made an attack upon the south of the Cherethites, and upon the ones of the part of Judea, and to the south of Caleb; and Ziklag we burnt in fire. 15And [2said 3to him 1David], Will you lead me to this troop? And he said, If you swear by an oath indeed to me according to God to not put me to death, and not to deliver me into the hands of my master, then I will lead you to this troop. 16And he led him. And behold, these were dispersed upon the face of all the land, eating and drinking, and celebrating over all the [2spoils 1great] which they took from out of the land of the Philistines, and from out of the land of Judah.

David Strikes Amalek and Returns the Captives

17And [2came 3upon 4them 1David], and he struck them from the morning star and until evening even of the next day. And [4was not preserved 2of 3them 1a man], but only four hundred boys who mounted upon camels and fled. 18And David removed all which [3took 1the 2Amalekites]; and both his wives he rescued. 19And nothing was perished to them from small and unto great, and unto sons and daughters, from the spoils and unto all what they took of theirs -- all the things David returned. 20And David took all the flocks and the herds, and led them away before the spoils. And concerning those spoils it was said, These are the spoils of David. 21And David came to the two hundred men (the ones being left behind of the troop going after David) that stayed at the rushing stream of Besor. And they came forth to meet David, and to meet the people of the one with him. And David came forward unto of the people, and he asked them the greetings for peace. 22And [6responded 1every 5man 2pestilent 3and 4wicked] of the men warriors going with David. And they said that, They did not pursue with us, we shall not give to them from out of the spoils which we rescued, but [2each 4his wife 5and 6his children 1let 3take away], and let them return! 23And David said, You shall not do [2my brothers 1thus] after the delivering up of the enemy by the  lord to us, and guarded us, and the  lord delivered up the troop, the one coming upon us, into our hands. 24And who will heed [2your 3words 1these], for [2not 3inferior 4to us 1they are]; for according to the portion of the one going down to war, so shall be the portion of the one staying by the equipment; according to the same they shall be portioned. 25And it came to pass from that day and forward, that it became for an order and for an ordinance in Israel until this day. 26And David came to Ziklag, and he sent to the elders of Judah, and to his neighbors of the spoils, saying, Behold, a blessing to you from the spoils of the enemies of the  lord; 27to the ones in Beth-el, and to the ones in Ramoth of the south, and to the ones in Jattir, 28and to the ones in Aroer, and to the ones in Siphmoth, and to the ones in Eshtemoa, 29and to the ones in Rachal, and to the ones in the cities of the Jerahmeelite, and to the ones in the cities of the Kenite; 30and to the ones in Hormah, and to the ones in Beer-ashan, and to the ones in Athach; 31and to the ones in Hebron, and into all the places which David went there, he and his men.
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