1 Samuel 4


The Philistines Wage War with Israel

1And came to pass the word of Samuel to all Israel. And [3gathered together 1the 2Philistines] for war against Israel; and Israel went forth to meet them for war. And they camped at Ebenezer. And the Philistines camped in Aphek. 2And [3deployed 1the 2Philistines] for war against Israel. And [3leaned one way 1the 2war], and [3failed 1the men 2of Israel] before the Philistines. And there was struck in the battle array in the field four thousand men. 3And [3came 1the 2people] into the camp. And [4said 1the 2elders 3of Israel], Why is it so [2devestated 3us 1the  lord] today before the Philistines? We should take to us the ark of the covenant of the  lord from out of Shiloh, and let it come forth in our midst! and it will deliver us from the hand of our enemies. 4And [3sent 1the 2people] unto Shiloh, and they lifted from there the ark of covenant of the  lord of the forces, which sits upon the cherubim. And both the sons of Eli were with the ark of the covenant of God -- Hophni and Phinehas. 5And it came to pass as [6came 1the 2ark 3of the 4covenant 5of the  lord] into the camp, that [3shouted aloud 1all 2Israel 5voice 4with a great], and [3resounded 1the 2earth]. 6And [3heard 1the 2Philistines] the sound of the cry. And they said, What is the sound of the cry -- this great one in the camp of the Hebrews? And they knew that the ark of the  lord comes into the camp. 7And [3feared 1the 2Philistines], and said, This their God comes to them into the camp. 8Woe to us, rescue us, O Master, today! for it happened not thus yesterday nor the third day before. Woe to us, who shall rescue us from out of the hand [3gods 2substantial 1of these]? These are the gods striking Egypt in every calamity, and in the wilderness. 9Fortify, and become as men, O Philistines! so that you should not serve to the Hebrews, as they served us; and you shall be men and wage war against them. 10And [3waged war against 1the 2Philistines] them; and [3failed 1every man 2of Israel] before the Philistines, and [2fled 1each] unto his tent. And there came to pass [3calamity 2great 1an exceedingly]; and there fell from Israel thirty thousand from the ranks.

The Ark Taken: Eli's Sons Die

11And the ark of God was taken, and both the sons of Eli died -- Hophni and Phinehas. 12And there ran a man of Benjamin from out of the battle array, and he came into Shiloh on that day; and his garments were torn up, and earth was upon his head. 13And he came. And behold, Eli sat upon his chair by the gate watching the way, for [2was 1his heart] receded on account of the ark of God. And the man entered into the city to report. And [4yelled out 2whole 1the 3city]. 14And Eli heard the sound of the yelling, and said, What is [2sound 3of yelling 1this]? And the man hastening, entered and reported to Eli. 15And Eli was a son ninety and eight years old, and his eyes were weighed down, and he did not see. 16And Eli said to the men, to the ones standing around him, What is the report of this sound? And the man hastening, came forward to Eli, and he said to him, I am the one having come from the camp, and I have fled from the battle array today. And Eli said, What is the [2taking place 1thing] child? 17And [3answered 1the 2servant-lad], and said, [3fled 1Every man 2of Israel] from the face of the Philistines, and [2calamity 1a great] has happened among the people, and both of your sons have died, and the ark of God was taken. 18And it happened as [4was mentioned 1the 2ark 3of God], that he fell from the chair backwardly, being next to the gate, and [3was broken 2back 1his], and he died, for [3was old 1the 2man] and heavy; and he judged Israel forty years. 19And his daughter-in-law, the wife of Phinehas, having conceived to give birth, when she heard the message that [4was taken 1the 2ark 3of God], and that [2has died 1her father-in-law], and her husband; that she wept and gave birth, for [3turned 4upon 5her 2birth pangs 1her]. 20And in the time she was going to die, that [5said 6to her 1the 2women 3standing beside 4her], Do not fear! for [2a son 1you have birthed]. But she did not answer, and did not comprehend in her heart. 21And she called the boy, Ichabod, for the ark of God, and for her father-in-law, and for her husband. 22And she said, [2has been resettled 1The glory] from Israel, for [4was taken 1the 2ark 3of God].
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