1 Samuel 2


Hannah's Praise

1And Hannah prayed and said, [2is solidified 1My heart] in the  lord; [2was raised high 1my horn] by my God; [2was widened 3over 4my enemies 1my mouth]; for I was glad in your deliverance. 2For there is no one holy as the  lord; and there is no just one as our God; and there is no holy one besides you. 3Do not boast, and do not speak high things in superiority! Let not come forth lofty language from out of your mouth! For [2is a God 3of knowledge 1the  lord], and God is preparing his practices. 4The bow of the mighty is weakened, and the ones being weakened girded on power. 5The ones full of bread loaves are made less; and the ones hungering disregarded the land; for the sterile gave birth to seven, and the one with many in children weakened. 6The  lord puts to death, and he brings forth alive; he leads them down into Hades, and he leads up. 7The  lord makes poor, and he enriches; he humbles, and elevates. 8He raises up from the earth the needy, and from the dung he raises the poor to seat him with mighty ones of the people, and [3a throne 4of glory 1inheriting 2to them]; 9giving the thing vowed for to the one vowing. And he blessed the years of the just; for not by strength is man able. 10The  lord [3weak 1shall make 2his opponent]. The  lord is holy. The  lord ascended into heavens, and he thundered. He shall judge the extremities of the earth being just; and he shall give strength to our kings, and he will raise up high the horn of his anointed one. 11And they went forth unto Ramah unto their house. And the boy was officiating to the  lord before the face of Eli the priest.

Eli's Wicked Sons

12And the sons of Eli the priest [2sons 1were mischievous], not knowing the  lord. 13And the ordinance of the priest of [2the 3people 1all] of the one sacrificing was this; that [5came 1the 2servant 3of the 4priest] when ever [3boiled 1the 2meat], and [4meat hook 3was a three-pronged 1in 2his hand]. 14And he stuck it into the [2kettle 1great], or into the brass caldron, or into the earthen pot; and all, what ever ascended on the meat hook [3took 4to himself 1the 2priest]. According to thus they did to all Israel in Shiloh to the ones coming to sacrifice to the  lord. 15And before the burning the fat, [5would come 1the 2servant 3of the 4priest]. And he said to the man sacrificing, Give meat [3to roast 1to the 2priest]; for in no way shall I take meat from you cooked from out of the kettle. 16And if [5said 1the 2man 3who was 4sacrificing], [2let there be burnt 1first] as is fit for the fat, and then you shall take for yourself from all what [2desires 1your soul]. Then he said, No, but now you shall give it; and if not, I will take it forcefully. 17And [5was 1the 2sin 3of the 4young men] great before the  lord, exceedingly, for they annulled the sacrifice of the  lord.

Samuel Officiates before The LORD

18And Samuel was officiating in the presence of the  lord, a boy being girded [2ephod 1with a linen]. 19And [5double garment 4a small 3made 1his 2mother] for him, and offered it to him from days unto days in her ascending with her husband, to sacrifice the sacrifice of the days. 20And Eli blessed Elkanah and his wife, saying, [2pay 3to you 1the  lord] seed from out of this woman, for the loan which she treated the  lord. And [3went forth 1the 2man] to his place. 21And the  lord visited Hannah, and she conceived again, and she bore yet three sons and two daughters. And [4was magnified 1the 2boy 3Samuel] in the presence of the  lord. 22And Eli was an old man, exceedingly. And he heard what [2did 1his sons] to [2the 3sons 4of Israel 1all], and that [2went to bed 1his sons] with the women standing by the doors of the tent of the testimony. 23And he said to them, Why do you do according to these things, which I hear being spoken ill of you from the mouth of all the people of the  lord? 24No children, no, for it is not good, the hearing which I hear of the making the people to not serve to the  lord. 25If by sinning [2should sin 1a man] against a man, then they shall pray for him to the  lord. But if [3against the 4  lord 2sins 1a man], who shall pray for him? But they did not hearken to the voice of their father. For willing, the  lord preferred to utterly destroy them. 26And the boy Samuel went on and was magnified, and was in good standing with the  lord, and with men. 27And [4came 1the 2man 3of God] to Eli, and said to him, Thus says the  lord, In revealing I revealed myself to the house of your father in their being [5in 6the land 7of Egypt 1servants 2to the 3house 4of Pharaoh]. 28And I chose the house of your father from out of all the tribes of Israel to officiate as priest to me, to ascend unto my altar, and to burn incense, and to carry an ephod before me. And I gave to the house of your father all the things [3of the 4fire 1of the 2sacrifices] of the sons of Israel for food. 29Why have you looked upon my incense offering, and upon my sacrifice offering with an impudent eye, and glorified your sons above me, in them blessing themselves with the first-fruit of every sacrifice of Israel, prior of me? 30On account of this, thus says the  lord, the God of Israel, I said, Your house, and the house of your father shall go through before me unto the eon. And now, says the  lord, not even one will be to me, for the ones glorifying me I will glorify, and the ones treating me with contempt shall be disgraced. 31Behold, [2come 1days], and I shall utterly destroy your seed, and the seed of the house of your father. 32And you shall look upon [2fortifications 1new] upon all the things which [2shall do good 1Israel]. And there will not be an old man in your house all the days. 33And a man whom I should not utterly destroy among you from my altar, I will make [2to fail 1his eyes], and [2will flow down 1his life], and all the ones abounding of your house shall fall by the broadsword of men. 34And this is to you the sign which shall come upon [2two 3sons 1these your], on Hophni and Phinehas; in one day [2shall die 1both]. 35And I will raise up for myself [2priest 1a trustworthy] who [2all 3the things 4in 5my heart 6and 7the things 8in 9my soul 1will do]. And I will build to him [2house 1a trustworthy], and he shall go through before my anointed one all the days. 36And it will be everyone being left behind among your house shall come to do obeisance to him for an obolus of silver, and for [2bread loaf 1one], saying, Throw me aside upon one of your priesthoods to eat bread!
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