1 Thessalonians 2


Paul's Motives

1For you yourselves know, brethren, our introduction, the one towards you, that [2not 4in vain 1it has 3been]; 2but also having suffered before, and having been insulted, as you know, in Philippi, we were speaking openly in our God, to speak to you the good news of God with much struggle. 3 For our exhortation was not from out of delusion, nor from out of uncleanness, nor in deceit. 4But as having been tried by God to be trusted with the good news, so we speak; not as [2men 1pleasing], but to God, to the one trying our hearts. 5For neither at any time with word of flattery did we exist, as you know, nor with an excuse for a desire for wealth, (God is witness), 6nor seeking [2from 3men 1glory], nor from you, nor from others; though being able in weight to be as Christ's apostles. 7But we became calm in your midst, as even a nurse should comfort her own children. 8Thus longing over you, we thought well to share with you not only the good news of God, but also our own lives, because [2beloved 3to us 1you have become]. 9For you remember, brethren, our toil and the trouble, for night and day working, for the not overburdening any of you, we proclaimed to you the good news of God. 10You are witnesses and God, how sacredly, and justly, and blamelessly [2to you 3the ones 4believing 1we were]. 11Just as you know, how each one of you as a father of his own children, we were comforting you and consoling, 12and testifying, for you to walk worthily of God, of the one calling you into his own kingdom and glory. 13On account of this also we give thanks to God continually, that taking to yourselves the word of report [2by 3us 1of God], you received not the word of men, but as it is truly, the word of God, which also exerts energy in you -- the ones believing. 14For you [2imitators 1became], brethren, of the assemblies of God, the ones being in Judea in Christ Jesus; that the same things [3suffered 2also 1you] by your own fellow-tribesmen, as also they by the Jews, 15the ones both [2the 3Lord 1killing] Jesus, and their own prophets, and driving you out, and [3to God 1are not 2pleasing], and [2to all 3men 1opposing]; 16(ones restraining us [2to the 3nations 1to speak], that they should be delivered,) so as to fill up their sins at all times; but came upon them the wrath to the end. 17But we, brethren, being orphaned from you for [2time 1an hour], in person, not in heart, more exceedingly hurried [2your face 1to behold] with much desire. 18Therefore we wanted to come to you -- even indeed I Paul, even once and twice; and [2hindered 3us 1Satan]. 19For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of boasting? or is it not also you in front of our Lord Jesus Christ at his arrival? 20For you are our glory and joy.
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