1 Timothy 3


Qualifications for Overseership

Trustworthy is the word. If any [2overseership 1reaches for], [2a good 3work 1he desires]. It is necessary then the overseer to be unassailable, [2of one 3wife 1a husband], sober, discreet, composed, hospitable, qualified for teaching; not intemperate in the use of wine, not a brawler, not profiting through vice; but lenient, not quarrelsome, not loving money, [4his own 5house 2well 1standing 3over], [2children 1having] in submission with all seriousness; (and if any [3his own 4house 2how to stand over 1knows not], how [2the assembly 3of God 1shall he care for]?) Not a novice, that not being deluded [2in 3judgment 1he should fall] of the devil. But it is necessary for him also [3witness 2a good 1to have] from the ones outside, that [2not 4into 5scorning 1he should 3fall], and the snare of the devil.

Qualifications of Servanthood

Servants likewise be serious, not double-talking, not [3wine 2to much 1attentive], not profiting through vice, having the mystery of the belief with a clean conscience. 10 And these also let them be approved first, then let them serve being without reproach! 11 Wives likewise be serious, not slanderers, sober, trustworthy in all things. 12 Servants be [2of one 3wife 1husbands]! [2children 3well 1standing over] and their own houses. 13 For the ones [2well 1having served 5rank 6for themselves 4a good 3procure], and much confidence in belief, in the one in Christ Jesus. 14 These things to you I write hoping to come to you more quickly. 15 But if I should be slowed, that you should know how it is necessary [2in 3the house 4of God 1to behave], which is the assembly of the living God, column and base of the truth. 16 And confessedly great is the [2of the 3piety 1mystery]; God made manifest in flesh, justified in spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed among nations, believed in the world, taken up in glory.
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