1 Timothy 6


Concerning Masters

1As many [2as 3are 4under 5the yoke 1bondmen], [2their own 3masters 5of all 6honor 4worthy 1let them esteem]! that [7should not 1the 2name 3of God 4and 5the 6instruction] be blasphemed. 2And the ones [2believing 1having] masters, let them not disdain them because they are brethren! but rather let them serve them, for they are believers and beloved ones, the ones [2of good works 1taking hold]! These things teach and appeal towards!

Concerning Unhealthy Doctrine

3If anyone teaches a different doctrine, and does not come forward with healthy words, the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in the [2according to 3piety 1instruction], 4he is dulled, [2nothing 1having knowledge of], but diseased concerning inquiries and arguings over words, of which becomes envy, strife, blasphemies, [2opinions 1bad], 5useless disputations [2corrupting 1of men] the mind, and depriving of the truth, to think revenue to be piety -- separate from such! 6But there is [2revenue 1great] -- piety with sufficiency. 7[3nothing 1For 2we have carried] into the world, and it is manifest that not even [2to bring forth anything 1are we able]. 8But having nourishment and shelters, with this we shall be sufficient. 9But the ones wanting to be rich, they fall into the test and a snare, and [5desires 1many 2unthinking 3and 4hurtful], which submerge the men into ruin and destruction. 10For a root of all the evils is the fondness of money, of which some reaching for were led astray from the belief, and pierced themselves on all sides [2griefs 1with many].

Flee Evil and Pursue Good

11But you, O man of God, flee these things! And pursue righteousness, piety, belief, love, endurance, gentleness! 12Struggle the good struggle of the belief! Take hold of the eternal life! in which also you were called, and acknowledged the good acknowledgment offering before many witnesses. 13I exhort to you before God, of the one restoring to life all things, and Christ Jesus, the one witnessing unto Pontius Pilate the good confession; 14for you to keep the commandment spotless, unassailable, until the grandeur of our Lord Jesus Christ; 15which [2times 1in its own] [6shall show 1the 2blessed 3and 4only 5mighty one]; the king of the ones reigning, and Lord of the ones dominating; 16the one alone having immortality, [3light 1living in 2unrivaled excellent], whom [3beheld 1not one 2of man], nor [2to behold 1is able]; to whom is honor and [2might 1eternal]. Amen.

Advice to the Rich

17To the rich in the present eon, exhort to not be high-minded, nor to hope upon [2of riches 1the uncertainty], but in the living God, in the one furnishing to us all things richly for enjoyment; 18to do good works, to be rich in [2works 1good], ready to share, to be sociable, 19amassing for themselves [2foundation 1a good] for the time about to be, that they should take hold of the eternal life. 20O Timothy, [2the 3deposit in your care 1guard]! turning aside from the profane idle talk, and oppositions of the falsely named knowledge; 21which some promising concerning the belief, missed the aim. The favor be with you. Amen.
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