1 Timothy 5


Concerning Widows

1[4an elder 2not 1You should 3rebuke], but appeal to him as a father! younger men as brethren; 2elder women as mothers; younger women as sisters, with all purity. 3[2widows 1Esteem], the ones really widows! 4And if any widow [2children 3or 4progeny 1has], let them learn first [2for their own 3house 1to be pious], and [2a repayment 1to repay] to their precursors! for this is good and worthy of being received before God. 5And the one really a widow, and being left alone, has hope in God, and remains in the supplications and in the prayers night and day. 6But the one living extravagantly, while living, has died. 7And these things exhort, that they should be unassailable! 8And if any [3of his own 4and 5especially 6of the ones 7of his family 1does not 2think beforehand], [2the 3belief 1he has denied], and is [2unbelieving 1worse than]. 9[3a widow 1Let 4be enrolled 2not 6less than 8years old 7sixty 5being 10of one 11husband 9a wife], 10with [2works 1good] being witnessed, if she reared children, if she was hospitable, if holy one's feet she washed, if to the ones being afflicted she assisted, if every [2work 1good] she followed after. 11And younger widows refuse; for whenever they should grow careless towards the Christ, [2to marry 1they want], 12having judgment, because the first belief they disregarded. 13And together also idly they learn to go around the houses; [2not 3only 1but] idle, but also in prating and useless works, speaking the things they must not. 14I prefer then younger ones to marry, to bear children, to manage the home, not one opportunity to give to the adversary reviling favor. 15For already some were turned aside after Satan. 16If any believing man or believing woman have widows, assist them, and do not weigh down the assembly; that [2the ones 3really 4widows 1it should assist]!

Concerning Elders

17[2the 4being well 5in charge 3elders 7of double 8honor 1Let 6be worthy], especially the ones tiring in the word and instruction! 18[4says 1For 2the 3scripture], [3an ox 4threshing 1You shall not 2muzzle]. And, [3is worthy 1The 2worker] of his wage. 19[5against 6an elder 4a charge 1Do not 2welcome 3from outside], unless by two or three witnesses! 20The ones sinning [2before 3all 1reprove], that also the rest [2fear 1should have]! 21I testify before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the chosen angels, that these things you should guard, separate from prejudice, nothing doing by inclination. 22A hand quickly place upon no one! nor participate with sins of strangers! [2yourself 3pure 1keep]! 23No longer drink water, but [3wine 2a little 1use] because of your stomach, and your frequent sicknesses! 24Of some men the sins are exposed to view, leading before to judgment; but some also follow after. 25Likewise also the good works are exposed to view, and the ones otherwise having taken place [3to be hid 1are not 2able].
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