2 Chronicles 13


Abijah Reigns in Judah, Jeroboam Reigns in Israel

1In the eighteenth year of the kingdom of Jeroboam, Abijah took reign over Judah. 2Three years he reigned in Jerusalem. And the name of his mother was Michaiah daughter of Uriel of Gibeah. And there was war between Abijah and between Jeroboam. 3And Abijah deployed for the war with a force of warriors of power -- four hundred thousand [2men 1chosen]. And Jeroboam deployed against him for war with eight hundred thousand [2men 1chosen], mighty warriors of power. 4And Abijah rose up from mount Zemaraim, which is in mount Ephraim, and said, Hear me, Jeroboam and all Israel! 5Is it not to you to know that the  lord God of Israel appointed the kingdom to David over Israel into the eon, and to his sons for a covenant of salt? 6And [4rose up 1Jeroboam 2son of 3Nebat], the servant of Solomon son of David, and revolted from his master. 7And there gathered together with him [2men 1mischievous], sons of lawbreakers, and they grew in strength against Rehoboam son of Solomon, and Rehoboam was younger and timid in heart, and he did not fortify against their face. 8And now you speak to oppose against the face of the kingdom of the  lord in the hand of the sons of David, and you are [2multitude 1a vast], and with you calves of gold which [2made 3for you 1Jeroboam] as gods. 9Or did you not cast out the priests of the  lord, the sons of Aaron, and the Levites; and you made to yourselves priests from the people of the land? Even every one approaching filling his hand with a calf, an offspring of the herd, and [2rams 1seven], and he becomes as a priest to the one not being God. 10And we [3the  lord 4our God 1did not 2abandon]. And his priests officiate to the  lord, the sons of Aaron and the Levites in their daily rotations. 11And they burn to the  lord whole burnt-offerings morning by morning, and evening to evening, and they have the incense composition, and place settings of bread loaves upon the [2table 1pure], and the [2lamp-stand 1gold], and its lamps to light evening by evening. For we guard the watch of the  lord, the God of our fathers; but you abandoned him. 12And behold, with us as head is the  lord, and his priests, and the [2trumpets 1signal] to signify against you. Sons of Israel, you should not wage war against the  lord God of your fathers; for your ways shall not be prospered.

Jeroboam Sets an Ambush against Judah

13And Jeroboam circled an ambush to come from behind them. And they were in front of Judah, and the ambush was from the places behind. 14And Judah turned, and behold, the battle was against them from the places in front and from the places posterior. And they yelled to the  lord, and the priests trumped the trumpets. 15And [3shouted 1the men 2of Judah]. And it happened when [3shouted 1the men 2of Judah], that the  lord struck Jeroboam and Israel before Abijah and Judah. 16And [4fled 1the 2sons 3of Israel] from the face of Judah, and [2delivered 3them 1the  lord] into their hands.

Abijah Strikes Jeroboam

17And [4struck 5them 1Abijah 2and 3his people 7calamity 6with a great]. And there fell slain of Israel -- five hundred thousand [2men 1mighty]. 18And [4were abased 1the 2sons 3of Israel] in that day, and [4grew strong 1the 2sons 3of Judah], for they hoped upon the  lord the God of their fathers. 19And Abijah pursued after Jeroboam, and first took from him the cities of Beth-el and her towns, and Jeshanah and her towns, and Ephrain and her towns. 20And [2did not 3have 4strength 1Jeroboam] any more during all the days of Abijah. And [2struck 3him 1the  lord], and he died. 21And Abijah grew strong, and took for himself [2wives 1fourteen], and engendered twenty and two sons, and sixteen daughters. 22And the rest of the words of Abijah, and his actions, and his words, are written upon the scroll in the inquiry of Iddo the prophet.
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