2 Chronicles 15


Azariah's Prophecy

1And Azariah son of Oded -- [3came 4upon 5him 1spirit 2of God]. 2And he went forth for meeting with Asa. And he said to him, Hear me Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin! The  lord is with you in your being with him. And if you seek after him, he shall be found by you. And if you should abandon him, he will abandon you. 3For [2days passed 1many] to Israel without the true God, and no priest to plainly show things, and with no law. 4And he shall turn them in affliction unto the  lord the God of Israel, and they shall seek him, and he shall be found by them. 5And in [2times 1those] there is no peace to the one going forth, and to the one entering, for much astonishment was upon all the ones dwelling places. 6And [2shall wage war 1nation] against nation, and city against city, for God startled them in every affliction. 7And you, be strong and do not loosen your hands! for there is a wage for your work.

Asa's Reforms

8And in Asa hearing of these words, and the prophecy of Oded the prophet, that he prevailed, and cast out the loathsome things of all the land of Judah and Benjamin, and from the cities which he took control of from Jeroboam, from the mountains of Ephraim. And he dedicated the altar of the  lord, which was in front of the temple of the  lord. 9And he assembled Judah and Benjamin, and the foreigners sojourning with him from out of Ephraim, and from out of Manasseh, and from out of Simeon; for [4were added 5to 6him 2from 3Israel 1many] in their seeing that the  lord God himself was with him. 10And they gathered in Jerusalem in the [2month 1third], in the [2year 1fifteenth] of the kingdom of Asa. 11And they sacrificed to the  lord in that day from the spoils which they brought [2calves 1of seven hundred] and [2sheep 1seven thousand]. 12And they went into a covenant to seek the  lord God of their fathers with [2entire 3heart 1their], and with [2entire 3soul 1their]. 13And all who ever did not seek after the  lord God of Israel shall die, from younger unto older, from man unto woman. 14And they swore by an oath to the  lord with [2voice 1a great], and with shouting, and with trumpets, and with horns. 15And [3was glad 4on account of 5the 6oath 1all 2Judah]; for from [2entire 3soul 1their] they swore by an oath, and with all their volition they sought him; and he was found by them. And the  lord gave rest to them round about. 16And [3Maachah 4the 5mother 1Asa 6of the 7king 2removed] to not be officiating to Ashtoreth; and he cut in pieces the idol, and incinerated it at the rushing stream Kidron. 17Except the high places were not removed, for they existed in Israel. Only the heart of Asa was perfect all his days. 18And he carried in the holy things of his father, and his own holy things into the house of God -- silver and gold and vessels. 19And war was not with him until the thirtieth and fifth year of the kingdom of Asa.
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