2 Chronicles 4


The Items for the Temple

1And he made an altar of brass -- twenty cubits was the length, and twenty cubits the breadth, and ten cubits the height. 2And he made the [2sea 1cast] -- ten cubits the diameter, from its lip to its lip, globular round about, and five cubits was the height. And the circumference -- thirty cubits encircled it round about. 3And a representation of calves was underneath it, round about encircling it; ten in a cubit encircling the sea round about; with two rows of [2oxen 1cast] in their being cast in a furnace, 4in which they made them. And standing upon twelve calves was the sea. The three were looking north, and three were looking west, and three were looking south, and three were looking towards the east. And the sea was upon them upward. And [3were 2posteriors 1their] towards the inside. 5And its thickness was a palm, and its lip was as a lip of a cup, having been carved of buds of a lily, having a capacity [2measures 1of three thousand]. And he completed it. 6And he made [2bathing tubs 1ten], and put five on the right, and five on the left, to wash in them the works of the whole burnt-offerings, and to rinse off in them. But the sea was for the washing of the priests in it. 7And he made the lamp-stands of gold -- ten, according to their distinguishing manner. And he put in the temple, five on the right, and five on the left. 8And he made [2tables 1ten], and he put them in the temple, five on the right, and five on the left. And he made [2bowls 3of gold 1a hundred]. 9And he made the courtyard of the priests, and the [2courtyard 1great], and doors for the courtyard; and their doorways were being brazed in brass. 10And the sea he put at the corner of the house at the right towards the east of the part towards the south. 11And Hiram made the kettles, and the meat hooks, and the censers. And Hiram completed doing all the work which he did for Solomon the king in the house of God -- 12making [2columns 1two], and the pommels, and the capitals upon the tops of the [2columns 1two], and [2latticed works 1two] to cover up the two pommels of the capitals, which are upon the tops of the columns; 13and pomegranates of gold -- four hundred for the two latticed works; two kinds of pomegranates on the [2latticed work 1one], to cover the two bases of the capitals, which are upon the columns. 14And [2the 3bases 1he made] -- ten; and the bathing tubs he made upon the bases, 15and the [2sea 1one], and the [2calves 1twelve] underneath it, 16and the kettles, and the meat hooks and bowls. And all their items which Hiram made, he brought to king Solomon in the house of the  lord -- [2brass 1all of pure]. 17In the place round about the Jordan [3cast them 1the 2king] in the thick earth, between Succoth and between Zeredathah. 18And Solomon made all these items in multitude, exceedingly; for [4was not 5wanting 1the scale-weight 2of the 3brass]. 19And Solomon made all the items of the house of the  lord, and the altar of gold, and the tables, and upon them bread loaves of the place setting. 20And the lamp-stands, and the lamps for the light according to the distinguishing manner in front of the dabir, [2gold 1of pure]. 21And their lamps, and their tongs, and the bowls, and the incense pans, and the censers [2gold 1were of pure]. 22And the [2door 3of the 4house 1inner], which is in the holies of the holies, and the doors of the house of the temple, were in gold.
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