2 Chronicles 6


Solomon Blesses The LORD

1Then Solomon said, The  lord spoke to encamp in dimness. 2And I have built a house to your name holy to you, and prepared to encamp into the eons. 3And [3turned 1the 2king] his face, and he blessed all the assembly of Israel. And all the assembly of Israel stood by. 4And he said, Blessed be the  lord God of Israel, who spoke by his mouth to David my father, and by his hands he fulfilled, saying, 5From the day which I led my people from out of the land of Egypt, I did not choose a city from all the tribes of Israel to build a house [2to be 1for my name] there, and I did not choose a man to be for leader over my people Israel. 6And I chose Jerusalem [2to be 1for my name] there, and I chose David to be above my people Israel. 7And it came upon the heart of David my father to build a house to the name of the  lord God of Israel. 8And the  lord said to David my father, Because it was upon your heart to build a house to my name, [2well 1you do], for it was upon your heart. 9Except you shall not build to me a house, for your son who comes forth from out of your loin, he shall build the house to my name. 10And the  lord established the word which he spoke. And I became instead of David my father, and I sit upon the throne of Israel, as the  lord said, and I built the house to the name of the  lord God of Israel. 11And I put there the ark, in which [4is located 1the 2covenant 3of the  lord], which he ordained with Israel. 12And he stood before the altar of the  lord, before all the assembly of Israel, and he opened and spread out his hands. 13For Solomon made [2platform 1a brass], and he put it in the midst of the courtyard of the temple -- five cubits was its length, and five cubits was its breadth, and three cubits was its height. And he stood upon it, and he bent upon his knees before all the assembly of Israel, and he opened and spread out his hands into the heaven. 14And he said, O  lord God of Israel, there is no [2likened 3to you 1God] in heaven, nor upon the earth, keeping the covenant, and showing mercy to your children, to the ones going before you with all their heart, 15which you kept with your servant David my father, which you spoke to him; and you spoke by your mouth, and by your hands you fulfilled it, as this day. 16And now, O  lord the God of Israel, keep with your servant David, my father, what you spoke to him, saying, There shall not fail to you a man from before my face sitting upon the throne of Israel, if only [2should guard 1your sons] their way to go by my law, as you went before me. 17And now, O  lord God of Israel, let be trustworthy indeed your saying, which you spoke to your manservant David. 18For shall [2truly 3dwells 1God] with men upon the earth? If the heaven and the heaven of the heaven is not sufficient to you; then what is this house which I built? 19And should you look upon the prayer of your manservant, and upon his supplication, O  lord my God, to heed the supplication and the prayer, which your manservant prayed before you today; 20 [2to be 1for your eyes] open unto this house day and night, in this place which you said to call upon your name there; to hear the prayer which [2prayed 1your manservant] in this place. 21Then shall you hear the supplication of your manservant, and of your people Israel, in what ever they should pray to this place. And you shall hear from the place of your dwelling -- from the heaven; and you shall hear and shall be propitious. 22If [2should sin 1a man] against his neighbor, and he takes upon him an oath to cause him to make an oath, and he should come and make an oath against the altar in this house; 23then you shall listen from out of the heaven, and shall act, and shall judge your servants, to recompense to the lawless one, and to recompense his ways upon his head; and to do justice to the just, to recompense to him according to his righteousness. 24And if [3should be devastated 1your people 2Israel] before an enemy, if they should sin against you, and should turn, and should acknowledge your name, and should pray, and should beseech before you in this house; 25then you shall listen from the heaven, and you should be propitious to the sins of your people Israel, and shall return them into the land which you gave to them and to their fathers. 26And in the holding together the heaven, and there is no rain, because they sinned against you, and they pray to this place, and confess to your name, and from their sins they shall turn, because you shall humble them; 27then you shall listen from heaven, and shall be propitious to the sins of your servants, and your people Israel, that you shall make manifest to them the [2way 1good], in which they shall go by it. And you shall put rain upon your land, which you gave to your people for an inheritance. 28If famine happens upon the land, if plague happens -- wind-blown blight, jaundice; [3locust 4and 5grasshopper 1if 2there should be]; and if [2should afflict 3it 1its enemies] in the land against its cities, according to every calamity and every misery; 29then every prayer, and all supplication, whichever should be by any man, and all your people Israel, if [2should know 1a man] his infection and his infirmity, and should open and spread out his hands to this house; 30then you shall listen from the heaven, from [2prepared 3home 1your], and you shall atone, and shall give to a man according to his ways, as you should know his heart; (for you most only know the heart of the sons of men.) 31So that they should fear you, to go in all your ways, all the days which they should live upon the face of the land, of which you gave to our fathers. 32And also every alien who is not of your people Israel, and he should come from out of a land far off because of [3name 1your 2great], and [3hand 1your 2fortified], and [3arm 1your 2high]; and should come and should pray in this place; 33then you shall listen from out of the heaven, from [2prepared 3home 1your], and you shall do according to all as much as [3should 4have called upon 5you 1the 2alien]; so that [6should know 1all 2the 3peoples 4of the 5earth] your name, and to fear you, as your people Israel, and to know that your name is called upon in this house which I built. 34And if [2should go forth 1your people] for war against its enemies, in the way which you shall send them, and they should pray to you towards the way of this city which you chose, towards it and the house which I built to your name; 35then you shall hear [4from out of 5the 6heaven 1their prayer 2and 3their supplication], and shall do them justice. 36For they shall sin against you, (for there is not a man who shall not sin,) and if enraged over them, and you should deliver them before the face of the enemies, and [3shall take them captive 1the 2ones capturing] into a land far or near; 37and they should turn their heart in the land of which they were taken captive there, and they shall turn and should beseech you in the land of their captivity, saying, We sinned, we acted lawlessly, and we acted impiously; 38and they should turn towards you with all their heart, and with all their soul in the land of their being taken captive, of which they took them captive there, and they should pray in the way of their land, of which you gave to their fathers, and of the city of which you chose, and the house of which I built to your name; 39then you shall hear from the heaven, from [2prepared 3home 1your], of their prayer and their supplication, and you shall make their case, and you shall be propitious to the people sinning against you. 40And now, O  lord God, let [3be 1indeed 2your eyes] open, and your ears attentive to the supplication of this place! 41And now, rise up O  lord God in your rest, you and the ark of your strength! Your priests, O  lord God, shall clothe themselves in deliverance, and your sacred ones shall be glad in good things. 42O  lord God, you should not turn the face of your anointed one. Remember the mercies of David your servant!
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