2 Chronicles 19


Jehu the Prophet Rebukes Jehoshaphat

1And [4returned 1Jehoshaphat 2king 3of Judah] to his house in peace into Jerusalem. 2And came forth to meet him Jehu the son of Hanani the prophet. And he said to king Jehoshaphat, Shall [3a sinner 1you 2help], or [3one being detested 4by 5the  lord 1do you 2befriend], no. Because of this [3took place 4against 5you 1the anger 2of the  lord]. 3But [2words 1good] were found in you, for you removed the sacred groves from the land of Judah, and straightened out your heart to seek after the  lord. 4And Jehoshaphat dwelt in Jerusalem. And again he went forth to the people from Beer-sheba unto mount Ephraim, and turned them unto the  lord the God of their fathers. 5And he placed judges in all the cities of Judah, the fortified ones, in city by city. 6And he said to the judges, Know what you do, for not unto man do you judge, but to the  lord, and with you are the words of judgment. 7And now, let [4be 1the 2fear 3of the  lord] upon you, and guard and act! for [2is not 3with 4the  lord 5our God 1injustice], nor admiring a face, nor taking bribes. 8And indeed in Jerusalem Jehoshaphat placed of the Levites, and of the priests, and of the patriarchs of Israel, for the judgment of the  lord, and to judge the ones dwelling in Jerusalem. 9And he gave charge to them, saying, Thus you shall do in the fear of the  lord, in truth, and with a full heart. 10Every man with a judgment coming unto you of your brethren dwelling in their cities, whether between blood for blood, and between the order and commandment, and for ordinances and judgments, that you shall warn them, that they shall not sin against the  lord, that there will not be anger against you, and against your brethren -- thus you shall do, and you shall not sin. 11And behold, Amariah the [2priest 1leading] over you is for every matter of the  lord; and Zebadiah son of Ishmael is the leader in the house of Judah for every word of the king. And the scribes, the Levites, are before you. Be strong and act! and the  lord will be with the good.
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