2 Chronicles 3


The LORD's House on Mount Moriah

1And Solomon began to build the house of the  lord in Jerusalem on mount Moriah, of which the  lord appeared to David his father, in the place which David prepared on the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite. 2And he began to build in the [2month 1second], in the [2year 1fourth] of his kingdom. 3And these Solomon began to build: the house of God -- the length of the [2measurement 1first] [2cubits 1was sixty], and the breadth [2cubits 1twenty]. 4And the columned porch before the face of the house -- its length upon the face of the width of the house [2cubits 1was twenty], and the height [4cubits 1was a hundred 2and 3twenty]. And he gilded it inside [2gold 1in pure]. 5And the [2house 1great] he boarded with woods of cedars, and he gilded it [2gold 1in pure]. And he carved upon it palms and chainwork. 6And he adorned the house [2stones 1with valuable] for glory; and the gold was gold from Parvaim. 7And he gilded the house, and its walls, and the gatehouses, and the roofing, and the doorways with gold; and he carved cherubim upon the walls. 8And he made the house of the holy of the holies. Its length upon the face of the width of the house [2cubits 1was twenty], and the breadth [2cubits 1was twenty]. And he gilded it [2gold 1in pure] amounting to [2talents 1six hundred]. 9And the scale-weight of the nails -- the scale-weight of the one was fifty shekels of gold. And the upper room he gilded in gold. 10And he made in the house, in the holy of the holies, [2cherubim 1two], a work of [2wood 1incorruptible], and he gilded them in gold. 11And the wings of the cherubim -- the length [2cubits 1was twenty], and to the [2wing 1one 4cubits 3was five] touching the wall of the house. 12And the [2wing 1other 4cubits 3was five], touching the wing of the [2cherub 1other]. 13And the wings of these cherubim being open and spread out [2cubits 1was twenty]. And these stood upon their feet, and their faces were towards the house. 14And he made the veil out of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and of linen. And he wove [2in 3it 1cherubim]. 15And he made in front of the house [2columns 1two] -- [2cubits 1thirty-five] in height, and their capitals [2cubits 1were five]. 16And he made chain-work in the dabir, and he put them upon the tops of the columns. And he made [2figures of pomegranates 1a hundred], and put them upon the chainwork. 17And he set the columns at the front of the temple, one at the right and one at the left. And he called the name of the one at the right -- Success, and the name of the one at the left -- Strength.
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