2 Corinthians 10


The Weapons of God

1[3myself 1But 2I], Paul, appeal to you, through the gentleness and clemency of the Christ, who in person indeed am humble among you, and absent I take courage in you. 2But I beseech you, I the one not at hand to have taken courage, with the reliance which I consider to dare against some of the ones considering us as [2according to 3the flesh 1walking], 3[3in 4the flesh 1for 2walking 6not 7according to 8the flesh 5we soldier], 4(for the weapons of our army are not fleshly, but mighty with God to the demolition of fortresses), 5[2devices 1demolishing] and every height being lifted up against the knowledge of God, and captivating every thought into the obedience of the Christ; 6and [2in 3readiness 1having] to punish all disobedience, whenever [3should be fulfilled 1your 2obedience]. 7The things according to appearance do you take heed only? If anyone is persuaded in himself to be of Christ, let him consider this again of himself, that as he is of Christ, so also we are of Christ. 8For if also even more extra somewhat I should boast concerning our authority, (of which [3gave 1the 2Lord] to us for construction, and not for your demolition,) I shall not be ashamed; 9that I should not seem as if to frighten you through letters. 10For the letters indeed, one says, are heavy and strong, but the arrival of his person weak, and the word being contemptable. 11[4this 1Let 3consider 2such], that as we are in word through letters being absent, such [2when 3at hand 1are we at work]. 12For not do we dare to approve or compare ourselves with some of the ones commending themselves; but [3that they 6by 7themselves 5themselves 4are measuring 8and 9comparing 10themselves 11with themselves 1they do not 2notice]. 13But we [2not 4to 5the things 6immeasurable 1shall 3boast], but according to the measure of the rule of which God portioned to us, a measure reaching as far as even of you. 14For not as one not reaching [3to 4you 1do we overstretch 2ourselves], for unto you even we arrive with the good news of the Christ; 15not [2in 3things 4immeasurable 1boasting] in another's toils; [3hope 1but 2having], increasing of the belief of yours [2among 3you 1to be magnified], according to our rule in abundance, 16[2to 3the ones 4farther 5from you 1to announce good news]; and not [2in 3another's 4rule 5already 6prepared 1to boast]. 17But the one boasting, [2in 3the Lord 1let him boast]. 18For it is not the one commending himself that is approved, but whom the Lord commends.
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