2 Corinthians 12


Paul Boasts in His Weakness

1To boast indeed is not an advantage to me; for I will come unto apparitions and revelations of the Lord. 2I know a man in Christ [3ago 2years 1fourteen], (whether in body, I do not know; or whether outside the body, I do not know, God knows) being seized by force was such a one unto the third heaven. 3And I know such a man, (whether in the body, or whether outside the body, I do not know, God knows), 4that he was seized by force into paradise, and heard [2not made known 1sayings], which is not allowed for a man to speak. 5Concerning such a one I will boast, but concerning myself I shall not boast, unless in my weaknesses. 6For if I should want to boast, I will not be a fool; [3the truth 1for 2I shall speak]. But I spare, lest anyone should consider me above what he sees me to be, or hears anything of me. 7And [4over the 5excess 6of the 7revelations 1so that 2I should not 3be elevated], there was given to me a barb in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, that he should buffet me, that I should not be elevated. 8For this three times [2the 3Lord 1I appealed to] that it should abstain from me. 9And he has said to me, Sufficient to you is my favor. For my power [2in 3weakness 1is perfected]. Most gladly then rather I will boast in my weaknesses, that [5should set up tent 6over 7me 1the 2power 3of the 4Christ]. 10Therefore I think well in weaknesses, in insults, in necessities, in persecutions, in straits for Christ. For whenever I should be weak, then I am mighty. 11I have become a fool boasting -- you compelled me. For I ought by you to be commended; for in nothing was I lacking of the more exceeding apostles, if even I am nothing. 12Indeed the signs of the apostle were worked among you in all endurance, in signs, and miracles, and works of power. 13For in what is it that you were inferior beyond the rest of the assemblies, unless that I myself was not lax of you? Grant me this injustice! 14Behold, a third time readily I have come to you, and I will not be lax of you. For I do not seek the things of yours, but you. [5not 1For 4ought 2the 3children 7for the 8parents 6to treasure up], but the parents for the children. 15And I most gladly will spend and expend for your souls, if even more exceedingly loving you, [2less 1I be loved]. 16But let it be! I did not burden you; but being clever, in cunning I took you. 17Did by any whom I sent to you, through him take advantage of you? 18I appealed to Titus, and sent along with him the brother. [4in anything 2take advantage 3of you 1Did Titus]? [2not 4by the 5same 6spirit 1Do we 3walk]? Not in the same tracks? 19Again, do you think that to you we make a defense? Before God in Christ we speak. But all things, beloved, is for your edification. 20For I fear perhaps having come [3not 4as 5I want 1I should find 2you]; and I should be found by you such as you want not; lest perhaps there be strife, jealousies, rages, contentions, evil speakings, whisperings, inflation of minds, commotions; 21lest again having come [2should humble me 1my God] as to you, and I should mourn much of the ones previously sinning, and not having repented over the uncleanness and harlotry and lewdness which they practiced.
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