2 Corinthians 2


Love the Brethren

1But I decided in myself this, not again to come in distress to you. 2For if I grieve you, then who is the one gladdening me unless it be the one being grieved by me? 3And I wrote to you this same thing, lest having come [2distress 1I should have] of which it is necessary for me to rejoice over; relying upon you all, that my joy [2all 3of you 1is]. 4For out of much affliction and conflict of heart I wrote to you through many tears; not that you should be grieved, but [3the 4love 1that 2you should know] which I have more exceedingly towards you. 5But if any has grieved, [2not 4me 1he has 3grieved], but in part; that I should not overburden you all. 6[5is enough 6to such a one 1This reproach 2by 3the 4many]. 7So that on the other hand rather you are to grant favor and to comfort him, lest the more extra distress should swallow down such a one. 8Therefore I appeal to you to validate [2unto 3him 1love]. 9[2unto 3this 1For] also I wrote, that I should know your proof, if in everything you are subjects. 10But to whom you grant favor in anything, so also I; for also I, if anything have granted favor, to whom I have granted favor, it is for your sake in the person of Christ; 11that we should not be taken advantage of by Satan; [3not 1for 5of his 6thoughts 2we are 4ignorant].

Triumphant in Christ

12Now having come unto Troas for the good news of the Christ, also a door was opened to me in the Lord. 13I did not have relaxation in my spirit at my not finding Titus my brother; but being sent off by them, I went forth into Macedonia. 14 But to God be favor at all times causing us to triumph in the Christ; and [2the 3scent 4of the 5knowledge 6of him 1making manifest] through us in every place. 15For of Christ [2a pleasant aroma offering 1we are] to God among the ones being delivered, and among the ones perishing; 16to some, a scent of death to death; but to some a scent of life to life. And for these things who is fit? 17For not are we as the rest peddling the word of God; but as from honesty, but as of God, before God in Christ we speak.
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