2 Corinthians 3


Fit Servants

1Do we begin again to commend ourselves, unless we need, as some, of introductory letters to you, or [2from 3you 1introductory letters]? 2 [3our letter 1You 2are] being written in our hearts, being known and being read by all men; 3being manifested that you are [2letter 1Christ's] served by us, having been written not with ink, but by spirit of the living God; not on tablets of stones, but on [2tablets 3of the heart 1fleshly]. 4[3reliance 1And 2such] we have through the Christ towards God; 5not that we are fit of ourselves to consider anything as from out of ourselves, but our fitness is of God; 6who also made us fit servants of a new covenant, not of contract, but of spirit. For the contract kills, but the spirit restores to life.

Changed from Glory to Glory

7And if the service of death in contracts having been impressed in stones, happened for glory, so as for [4to not 5be able 6to gaze 1the 2sons 3of Israel] into the face of Moses because of the glory of his face, the one being cleared away; 8how not more the service of the spirit will be in glory? 9For if the service of condemnation be glory, much rather abounds the service of righteousness in glory. 10For also not even [3has been glorified 1the thing 2having been glorified] in this part, on account of the exceeding glory. 11For if the thing being cleared away was through glory, much rather the thing which remains is in glory. 12Having then such hope, [2in much 3confidence 1we deal]; 13and not as Moses put a covering upon the face of himself, for the thing [4to not 5gaze 1of the 2sons 3of Israel] unto the end of the thing being cleared away. 14But [2were calloused 1their thoughts]. For as far as today the same covering [2upon 3the 4reading 5of the 6old 7covenant 1remains], not uncovered, which in Christ is being cleared away. 15But unto today, when Moses is read, a covering [2upon 3their heart 1lies]. 16But when ever it should turn towards the Lord, [3is removed 1the 2covering]. 17And the Lord [2the 3spirit 1is]; but where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 18But we all with uncovered face [2the 3glory 4of the Lord 1are reflecting], the same image being transformed from glory unto glory, just as from the Lord of spirit.
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