2 Kings 10


Jehu Kills All the House of Ahab

1And to Ahab were seventy sons in Samaria. And Jehu wrote a scroll, and sent it unto Samaria, to the rulers of Samaria, and to the elders, and to the wet-nurses of the sons of Ahab, saying, 2And now, whenever [3comes 2scroll 1this] to you, and with you are the sons of your master, and with you the chariots and the horses, and [2cities 1fortified], and weapons, 3that you shall look for the good, and the upright one among the sons of your master. And you shall place him upon the throne of his father, and you shall wage war for the house of your master. 4And they feared exceedingly, and said, Behold, the two kings did not stand against his face, and how shall we stand? 5And they sent the ones over the household, and the ones over the city, and the elders, and the wet-nurses to Jehu, saying, [2your servants 1We are], and all as much as you should say to us we shall do. We will not give [2reign 1anyone]. The thing good in your eyes we will do. 6And [2wrote 3to 4them 1Jehu 6scroll 5a second], saying, If you are with me, and [3my voice 1you 2listen to], take the heads of the men of the sons of your master, and bring them to me at this hour tomorrow in Jezreel! And the sons of the king were seventy men, whom the stout men of the city nourished them. 7And it came to pass as [3came 1the 2scroll] to them, that they took the sons of the king, and they slew them -- seventy men. And they put their heads in baskets, and they sent to him in Jezreel. 8And [3came 1the 2messenger] and reported to him, saying, They brought the heads of the sons of the king. And he said, Place them in two hills by the door of the gate until morning. 9And it became morning, and he came forth and stood. And he said to all the people, You are just. Behold, I confederated against my master, and I killed him; but who struck all of these? 10See that there shall not fall of the saying of the  lord unto the ground, of which the  lord spoke against the house of Ahab. And the  lord did as much as he spoke by the hand of his servant Elijah. 11And Jehu struck all the ones being left among the house of Ahab in Jezreel, and all his stout men, and his well known men, and his priests, unto [2not 3leaving behind 1his] a vestige. 12And he rose up and went into Samaria. He was in Beth-Akad of the shepherds in the way. 13And Jehu found the brothers of Ahaziah king of Judah, and he said, Who are you? And they said, [2brothers 3of Ahaziah 1we are], and we came down in peace of the sons of the king, and the sons of the woman being in power.

Jehu Kills the Brothers of Ahaziah

14And he said, Seize them alive! And they seized them, and slew them in Beth-akad -- forty and two men. And he did not leave a man of them. 15And he went from there, and he found Jehonadab son of Rechab in the way for meeting him. And he blessed him, and [2said 3to 4him 1Jehu], Is [2straight 1your heart] with my heart, as my heart is with your heart? And Jehonadab said, It is. And Jehu said, Then if it is, give your hand! And he gave his hand. And he hauled him to himself upon the chariot. 16And he said to him, Come with me, and see in my zealousness to the  lord! And he sat by him in his chariot. 17And he entered into Samaria, and he struck all the ones left of Ahab in Samaria, unto obliterating him according to the saying of the  lord, which he spoke to Elijah. 18And Jehu gathered together all the people. And said to them, Ahab served to Baal a little, Jehu shall serve to him much. 19And now call to me all the prophets of Baal, and his priests, and all his servants! Let not a man be overlooked! for [4sacrifice 3a great 1I 2make] to Baal. All who ever overlooked shall not live. And Jehu did it by trickery, that he might destroy the servants of Baal. 20And Jehu said, Sanctify a service to Baal! And they proclaimed it. 21And Jehu sent in all Israel. And [5came 1all 2the 3servants 4of Baal]; there was not left behind a man who did not come. And they entered into the house of Baal, and [4was filled 1the 2house 3of Baal] -- mouth unto mouth. 22And Jehu told to the one over the house wardrobe to bring out garments for all the servants of Baal. And [3brought them forth 4to them 1the 2keeper of the wardrobe]. 23And Jehu entered, and Jehonadab son of Rechab, into the house of Baal. And he said to the servants of Baal, Search and see if there is with you servants of the  lord! for there is to be only the servants of Baal alone.

Jehu Kills the Servants of Baal

24And they entered to offer the sacrifices and the whole burnt-offerings. And Jehu stationed for himself outside eighty men. And he said, A man who ever should preserve anyone of the men whom I bring in unto your hands, his life will be for his life. 25And it came to pass as he completed offering the whole burnt-offering, that Jehu said to the bodyguards and to the tribunes, In entering, strike them! Let not come forth from them a man! And [6struck 7them 1the 2bodyguards 3and 4the 5tribunes] by the mouth of the broadsword; and they tossed the bodies, and went unto the city of the house of Baal. 26And they brought forth the monument of Baal, and burnt it. 27And they tore down the monuments of Baal, and they demolished his house. And the house of Baal they established for a bathhouse until this day. 28And Jehu removed Baal from Israel. 29Except from the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, who led Israel into sin [2did not 3abstain 1Jehu] from following after them -- the heifers of gold in Bethel and in Dan. 30And the  lord said to Jehu, Because you did good to do the upright thing in my eyes, and you did according to all the things in my heart to the house of Ahab, sons unto the fourth generation shall sit down for you upon the throne of Israel. 31And Jehu did not guard to go in the law of the  lord God of Israel with [2entire 3heart 1his]. He did not abstain from the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, who led Israel into sin. 32In those days the  lord began to cut down in Israel. And [2struck 3them 1Hazael] in every border of Israel; 33from the Jordan according to the rising of the sun -- all the land of Gilead of the Gadites, and of Reuben, and of Manasseh -- from Aroer, which is upon the edge of the rushing stream Arnon, and Gilead and Bashan. 34And the rest of the words of Jehu, and all as much as he did, and all his dominations, and the associations which he joined, behold are not these written upon the scroll of the words of the days of the kings of Israel? 35And Jehu slept with his fathers, and they entombed him in Samaria, and [3reigned 1Jehoahaz 2his son] instead of him. 36And the days which Jehu reigned over Israel were twenty-eight years in Samaria.
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