2 Kings 23


Josiah Reads the Scroll of the Covenant

1And [3sent 1the 2king], and brought together to him all the elders of Judah and Jerusalem. 2And [3ascended 1the 2king] to the house of the  lord, and all the men of Judah, and all the ones dwelling Jerusalem with him, and the priests, and the prophets, and all the people from small and unto great. And he read in their ears all the words of the scroll of the covenant of the one being found in the house of the  lord. 3And [3stood 1the 2king] near the column, and he ordained the covenant before the  lord to go after the  lord, and to guard his commandments, and his testimonies, and his orders, with a whole heart, and in the whole in life, to raise up the words of this covenant being written in this scroll. And he established all the people in the covenant.

Josiah Removes All Idol Worship

4And [3gave charge 1the 2king] to Hilkiah the [2priest 1great], and to the priests being second, and to the ones guarding the doorpost, to bring out from the temple of the  lord all the items which they made to Baal, and to the sacred grove, and all the military of the heaven. And he incinerated them outside Jerusalem in the plain of Kidron, and he took their dust into Beth-el. 5And he incinerated the idolatrous priests, of whom [4appointed 1the 2kings 3of Judah] to burn incense in the high places, and in the cities of Judah, and in the surroundings of Jerusalem, and the ones burning incense to Baal, and to the sun, and to the moon, and to the Mazuroth, and to all the military of the heaven. 6And he brought forth the sacred grove carving from out of the house of the  lord outside of Jerusalem unto the rushing stream Kidron. And he incinerated it at the rushing stream Kidron, and ground it fine as dust. And he tossed its dust into the tombs of the sons of the people. 7And he demolished the house of the male prostitutes of the ones in the house of the  lord in which the women wove apparel there for the sacred grove. 8And he brought in all the priests from the cities of Judah, and he defiled the high places where [3were burning incense 4there 1the 2priests], from Geba and unto Beer-sheba. And he demolished the high places by the door of the gate of Joshua ruler of the city, of the ones at the left sides of a man at the gate of the city. 9Only [5did not 6ascend 1the 2priests 3of the 4high places] to the altar of the  lord in Jerusalem; in no way they ate unleavened breads in the midst of their brethren. 10And he defiled Topheth, the one in the ravine of the son of Hinnom, [2to not lead 1for a man] his son and his daughter in fire to Molech. 11And he incinerated the horses which [3presented 1the kings 2of Judah] to the sun, in the entrance of the house of the  lord, towards the treasury room of Nathan the eunuch of the king, of the one in the compound. And the chariot of the sun he incinerated by fire. 12And the altars, the ones upon the roof of the upper room of Ahaz, which [3made 1the kings 2of Judah], and the altars which Manasseh made in the two courtyards of the house of the  lord, [3demolished 1the 2king], and tore down from there, and tossed their dust into the rushing stream Kidron. 13And the house upon the face of Jerusalem, the one at the right of the mount of Mosoath, which [4built 1Solomon 2king 3of Israel] to Ashtoreth the loathsome thing of the Sidonians, and to Chemosh the loathsome thing of Moab, and to Molech the abomination of the sons of Ammon, [3defiled 1the 2king]. 14And he broke the monuments, and cut down the sacred groves, and filled their places of bones of men. 15And indeed the [2altar 3in 4Beth-el 1high], which [4made 1Jeroboam 2son 3of Nebat], who led Israel into sin, also indeed [4altar 2that 3high 1he tore down], and he broke its stones, and made them fine into dust, and he incinerated the sacred grove.

Fulfillment of the Prophecy of the Man of God

16And Josiah turned and saw the tombs of the ones being there in the mount, and he sent and took the bones from out of the tombs, and he incinerated them upon the altar, and defiled it, according to the saying of the  lord which [4spoke 1the 2man 3of God] when Jeroboam stood near the altar in the holiday. And turning Josiah lifted his eyes upon the burying-place of the man of God, the one speaking these words; 17and he said, What is that high rock which I see? And [5said 6to him 1the 2men 3of the 4city], The grave of the man of God, of the one coming from out of Judah, and calling these words which you did against the altar in Beth-el. 18And he said, Allow him! no one move his bones! And he preserved his bones with the bones of the prophet having come from out of Samaria. 19And indeed all the houses of the high places, of the ones in the cities of Samaria which [3made 1the kings 2of Israel] to provoke the  lord to anger, Josiah removed, and he did to them according to all the works which he did in Beth-el. 20And he sacrificed all the priests of the high places being there upon the altars. And he incinerated the bones of the men upon them. And returned to Jerusalem. 21And [3gave charge 1the 2king] to all the people, saying, Observe the passover to the  lord your God! as it is written in the scroll of this covenant. 22For did not take place according to this passover from the days of the judges that judged Israel, and in all the days of the kings of Israel, and of the kings of Judah, 23for only in the eighteenth year of king Josiah [4took place 1this passover 2to the 3  lord] in Jerusalem. 24And indeed the soothsayers, and the diviners, and the teraphim, and the idols, and all the loathsome things taking place in the land of Judah and in Jerusalem, [3removed 1king 2Josiah], that [5should be established 1the 2words 3of the 4law], the ones being written upon the scroll which [4found 1Hilkiah 2the 3priest] in the house of the  lord. 25[5likened 6to him 1There was no 2king 3before 4him], who turned towards the  lord with [2entire 3heart 1his], and with [2entire 3life 1his], and with [2entire 3strength 1his], according to all the law of Moses. And after him rose up not one like him. 26Only [2did not 3turn 1the  lord] from [3rage 4of his anger 1the 2great] of which [3was enraged 2anger 1his] against Judah, against all the provocations to anger which [2provoked him to anger 1Manasseh]. 27And the  lord said, And indeed Judah I shall remove from my face, as I removed Israel, and I will thrust away this city which I chose -- Jerusalem, and the house of which I said, [2will be 1My name] there. 28And the rest of the words of Josiah, and all as much as he did, are these not written upon the scroll of the words of the days of the kings of Judah?

Josiah Dies in Battle

29In his days ascended Pharaoh Necho king of Egypt against the king of the Assyrians at the river Euphrates. And [4went 1Josiah 2the 3king] for a meeting against him. And [2killed 3him 1Necho] in Megiddo, in his seeing him. 30And [2conducted 3him 1his servants] dead in Megiddo. And they led him into Jerusalem, and they entombed him in his tomb in the city of David. And [5took 1the 2people 3of the 4land] Jehoahaz son of Josiah, and anointed him and gave him reign instead of his father.

Jehoahaz Reigns in Judah

31[2a son 3being twenty 4and 5three 6years old 1Jehoahaz was] in his taking reign; and three months he reigned in Jerusalem. And the name of his mother was Hamutal, daughter of Jeremiah of Libnah. 32And he did the wicked thing in the eyes of the  lord according to all as much as [2did 1his fathers].

Pharaoh Necho Sets Jehoiakim Over Jerusalem

33And [3moved 4him 1Pharaoh 2Necho] to Riblah in the land of Hamath, so as to not reign in Jerusalem. And he put a penalty against the land -- a hundred talents of silver, and ten talents of gold. 34And [3put to reign 1Pharaoh 2Necho] over them Eliakim son of Josiah instead of Josiah his father, and he turned his name into Jehoiakim. And [2Jehoahaz 1he took], and he led him away into Egypt, and he died there. 35And the silver and the gold Jehoiakim gave to Pharaoh, but he assessed the land to give the money by the mouth of Pharaoh; from each man according to his assessed value; they gave the silver and the gold with the people of the land to give to Pharaoh Necho. 36[2a son 3being twenty 4and 5five 6years old 1Jehoiakim was] in his taking reign, and eleven years he reigned in Jerusalem. And the name of his mother was Zebudah, daughter of Pedaiah of Rumah. 37And he did the wicked thing in the eyes of the  lord according to all as much as [2did 1his fathers].
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