2 Kings 4


Elisha Multiplies the Widow's Oil

1And [2wife 1one] of the sons of the prophets yelled to Elisha, saying, Your servant, my husband died, and you know that your servant was fearing the  lord. And the money-lender came to take [2two 3sons 1my] for servants to himself. 2And Elisha said to her, What should I do for you, announce it to me? What is there to you in the house? And she said, There is not to your maidservant one thing in the house, only a vessel of olive oil in the house which I anoint with. 3And he said to her, Go ask for yourself vessels from outside, from all your neighbors, [2vessels 1empty], not a few. 4And you shall enter and lock the door after you and after your sons. And you shall pour out into these vessels, and the one being filled you shall take away. 5And she went forth from him, and did thus. And she locked the door after herself and after her sons, and they drew near to her; and she poured until [3were filled 1the 2vessels]. 6And she said to her sons, Bring near to me a vessel! And they said to her, There is not yet a vessel. And [3stopped 1the 2olive oil]. 7And she came and reported to the man of God. And he said to her, Go, and render the olive oil for sale, and pay your interest! and you and your sons shall live by the rest.

The Shunammite Woman and Elisha

8And [2came 1a day] and Elisha passed over into Shunem, and there was [3there 2woman 1a great], and she took hold of him to eat bread. And it came to pass whenever it was fit for him to enter that he turned aside there to eat bread. 9And [3said 1the 2woman] to her husband, Behold indeed, I know that [2man 3of God 1this is a holy], who travels unto us continually. 10We should indeed make for him [2upper room 1a small], and we should put for him there a bed, and a table, and a chair, and a lamp-stand. And it will be in his coming to us, that he shall turn aside there. 11And [2came 1a day], and he entered there, and he turned aside into the upper room, and went to bed there. 12And he said to Gehazi his servant, Call this Shunammite! And he called her, and she stood before him. 13And he said to him, Say indeed to her, Behold, you startled us all with this change of state, what shall we do for you? Is there to you a word to say to the king, or to the ruler of the force? And she said, [3in 4the midst 5of my people 1I 2dwell]. 14And he said to Gehazi, What must be done for her? And Gehazi said, That by all means a son is not to her, and her husband is old. 15And he said, Call her! And he called her, and she stood by the door. 16And Elisha said to her, At this time next year, about this hour, and living, you shall be holding a son. But she said, No, O master, O man of God, you should not disappoint your maidservant. 17And [3conceived 1the 2woman], and bore a son at this same time about the same hour living, as [2spoke 3to 4her 1Elisha].

The Shunammite Woman's Son Dies

18And [3matured 1the 2boy]. And it came to pass [3went forth 1the 2boy] to his father -- to the ones harvesting. 19And he said to his father, My head, my head. And he said to the servant, Carry him to his mother. 20And he lifted him, and he carried him in to his mother, and he laid him down to rest upon her knees until midday, and he died. 21And she bore him, and rested him upon the bed of the man of God, and locked after him, and went forth. 22And she called her husband, and said, Send indeed for me one of the servants, and one of the donkeys, and I shall run unto the man of God, and I shall return. 23And he said, Why is it that you should go to him today? It is not a new moon nor a Sabbath. And she said, Peace. 24And she saddled the donkey, and said to her servant, You lead, and go! Do not wait for me to mount. For if I said to you, Go, then you shall go and shall come to the man of God in mount Carmel. 25And she went, and came unto the man of God in the mountain. And it came to pass as [4saw 5her 1the 2man 3of God] right opposite, that he said to Gehazi, to his servant, Behold, that Shunammite. 26Now run to meet her! and you shall say to her, Is peace to you? Is peace to your husband? Is peace to the boy? And she said, Peace. 27And she straightened to the man of God in the mountain, and she seized his feet. And Gehazi approached to thrust her away, and [4said 5to 6him 1the 2man 3of God], Allow her! for her soul pains her, and the  lord concealed it from me, and announced it not to me. 28And she said, Did I ask a son from my master? Did I not say, Do not mislead with me? 29And Elisha said to Gehazi, Tie up your loin, and take my staff in your hand and go! And if you should find a man in the way, you shall not bless him; and if [2should bless 3you 1a man], you shall not answer him; and you shall place my staff upon the face of the boy. 30And [5said 1the 2mother 3of the 4boy], As the  lord lives, and as [2lives 1your soul], shall I leave you behind, no. And Elisha rose up, and went after her.

Elisha Raises the Shunammite Woman's Son

31And Gehazi went in front of them, and he placed the staff upon the face of the boy; and there was no sound, and there was no hearing. And he returned to meet him, and he reported to him, saying, [3was not arisen 1the 2boy]. 32And Elisha entered into the house, and behold, the boy having died was resting upon his bed. 33And Elisha entered, and locked the door after the two of them. And he prayed to the  lord. 34And he ascended, and bedded down upon the boy, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes, and his hands upon his hands. And he bent upon him, and warmed the flesh of the boy. 35And he returned, and went about the house this side and that side, and he ascended, and bent downwards upon the boy for seven times. And [3opened 1the 2boy] his eyes. 36And Elisha yelled out loud to Gehazi, and said, Call this Shunammite! And he called her, and she entered to him. And Elisha said, Receive your son! 37And [3entered 1the 2woman], and fell at his feet, and did obeisance upon the ground, and took her son, and went forth.

Elisha Cures the Kettle of Stew

38And Elisha returned to Gilgal. And the famine was in the land. And the sons of the prophets sat down before him. And Elisha said to his servant, Stand by the [2kettle 1great], and boil stew for the sons of the prophets! 39And he went forth into the field to collect together herbs. And he found a vine in the field, and he collected together from it [2gourd 1a wild] to fill his cloak, and he entered and put it into the kettle of the stew -- but they did not know. 40And he poured out to the men to eat. And it came to pass in their eating from the stew, that they yelled out and said, Death is in the kettle, O man of God. And they were not able to eat. 41And he said, You take flour, and put it in the kettle! And they put. And Elisha said to Gehazi, Pour out to the people, and let them eat! And there was not [2thing 1a bad] still in the kettle. 42And a man came from out of Baal-shalisha, and he brought to the man of God first produce of twenty bread loaves of barley, and dried clusters of figs. And he said, Give them to the people, and let them eat! 43And [2said 1his minister], What, should I give before [2hundred 3men 1this]? And he said, Give to the people, and let them eat! for thus says the  lord, They shall eat, and shall leave over. 44And they ate, and left behind according to the saying of the  lord.
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