2 Kings 6


The Sons of the Prophets

1And [5said 1the 2sons 3of the 4prophets] to Elisha, Behold, indeed the place in which we live before you is scant for us. 2We should go indeed unto the Jordan, and we should take from there [4man 3per one 2beam 1one]; and we should make for ourselves a shelter to live there. And he said, Go! 3And [2said 1one], Please come with your servants. And he said, I will go. 4And he went with them, and they came unto the Jordan, and they trimmed the wood. 5And it happened to one casting down the beam, that [3fell off 4of 5the 6stick 1the 2iron implement] into the water. And he yelled, and said, O master. And it was hidden.

The Iron Implement Floats

6And [4said 1the 2man 3of God], Where did it fall? And he showed to him the place. And he plucked off wood and tossed it there, and [3floated 1the 2iron implement]. 7And he said, Raise it to yourself! And he stretched out his hand and took it.

War with Syria

8And the king of Syria was waging war against Israel. And he consulted with his servants, saying, In the place thus [2in a certain 3concealed place 1I will camp]. 9And [4sent 1the 2man 3of God] to the king of Israel, saying, Guard to not go by this place, for there Syria hides. 10And [4sent 1the 2king 3of Israel] to the place which [4told 5him 1the 2man 3of God]. And he guarded from there not once nor twice. 11And [6was startled 1the 2soul 3of the 4king 5of Syria] on account of this word. And he called his servants, and he said to them, Shall you not announce to me who betrays me to the king of Israel? 12And [3said 1one 2of his servants], Not so, O my master, O king. For Elisha the prophet, the one in Israel, he announces to the king of Israel all the words which ever you should speak in the closet of your bedroom. 13And he said, Go, and see where this one is! and sending I will take him. And they reported to him, saying, Behold, he is in Dothan. 14And he sent horses and chariots, and [2force 1a heavy]. And they came at night, and surrounded the city. 15And [7early 1the 2minister 3of the 4man 5of God 6rose up], and went forth. And behold, the force was encircling the city, and with horses and chariots. And [2said 1his servant] to him, O master, what shall we do? 16And Elisha said, Do not fear, for many are the ones with us over the ones with them. 17And Elisha prayed, and said, O  lord, open his eyes, and let him see! And the  lord opened wide the eyes of the young man, and he saw. And behold, the mountain was full of horses, and a chariot of fire surrounding Elisha.

The Syrians are Struck with Blindness

18And they came down to him. And Elisha prayed to the  lord, and said, Strike indeed this nation with inability to see! And he struck them with inability to see, according to the saying of Elisha. 19And Elisha said to them, This is not the city, and this is not the way. Come after me! and I will lead you to the man whom you seek. And he took them to Samaria. 20And it came to pass, as he entered into Samaria, that Elisha said, O  lord, open the eyes of these, and let them see! And the  lord opened wide their eyes, and they saw. And behold, they were in the midst of Samaria. 21And [4said 1the 2king 3of Israel] to Elisha, as he beheld them, Shall by striking, I strike them, O father? 22And he said, You shall not strike. Whom you captured by your broadsword, and your bow you shall strike. Place bread loaves and water before them, and let them eat and let them drink and let them go forth to their master! 23And he placed for them [2fete 1a great]. And they ate, and drank, and he sent them. And they went forth to their master. And [3did not proceed 4still 1the armed bands 2of Syrians] to come into the land of Israel.

Siege and Famine in Samaria

24And it came to pass after these things, that [5gathered 1the son 2of Hadad 3king 4of Syria] all his camp, and ascended, and besieged against Samaria. 25And there was [2famine 1a great] in Samaria. And behold, they laid siege against it until of which [3was worth 1the head 2of a donkey] eighty shekels of silver; and a fourth of a cab [2dung 1of doves] five shekels of silver. 26And [4was 1the 2king 3of Israel] traveling upon the wall. And a woman yelled to him, saying, Deliver us, O master, O king! 27And he said to her, Unless [2delivers you 1the  lord], from what place shall I deliver you -- from the threshing-floor or from the wine vat? 28And [3said 4to her 1the 2king], What is it with you? And she said, This woman said to me, Give your son! and we shall eat him today, and my son we shall eat tomorrow. 29And we boiled my son, and we ate him. And I said to her the [2day 1other], Give your son! for we should eat him. And she hid her son. 30And it came to pass as [3heard 1the 2king] the words of the woman, he tore his garments, and he traveled over upon the wall. And [3saw 1the 2people] the sackcloth upon his flesh inside. 31And he said, Thus [2do 3to me 1God], and thus add more, if [6shall stand 1the 2head 3of Elisha 4son 5of Shaphat] upon him today. 32And Elisha was sitting down in his house, and the elders were sitting down with him. And the king sent a man before his face. But before the coming of the messenger to him, that Elisha himself said to the elders, Do you see that [4sent 2son 3of a murderer 1this] to remove my head? Know as when [3should come 1the 2messenger], you lock the door, and press against him on the door! Is not the sound of the feet of his master right after him? 33While he was speaking with them, that behold, the messenger came to him. And he said, Behold, this evil is from the  lord, why remain behind for the  lord any longer?
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